Wednesday, 24 August 2011

wishlist wednesday

Am I the only one that thinks this year's A/W stock is a little bit better than usual? Seriously, I want everything!

1. This jumper, £12.99 from h&m.
2. You know the band t-shirts in h&m at the moment? Well I like too many of them to include pictures of all of them, but I want The Beatles one, the Ramones one, the Guns'n'roses one and the Rolling Stones one. This is the link to them. I'm relatively sure there was one picture of the model and then they just photoshopped the t-shirts on top of her. That probably makes no sense, but if you click the link and flick through the photos you might get what I mean. Oh, and they're £9.99 (though I'm sure they were only £7.99 in the catalogue, could be wrong though).

3. These boots from h&m, £39.99. They came in a different colour in the catalogue but I can't find it on the website :/ I just think they'd be perfect paired with tights & cable-knits in the winter! I have a code for 25% off so I'm definitely considering getting them!

What's on your wishlist? Are you excited for A/W clothing?
P.S., can you tell a h&m leaflet was delivered today hah.