Wednesday, 27 April 2011

wishlist wednesday

hmm i'm not quite sure why, but it seems like ages since i've done a wishlist wednesday!

i've been getting really into lush lately, so here's a few things from there i want to try :)..
  • ma bar, "soothing caramel cocoa cake." it sounds like it was actually made for me!
  • butterball. the sales person in lush the last time i went there actually recommended this for my eczema, and then my boyfriend's mother happened to buy it for me; woo! i haven't tried it yet but i'm really looking forward to it :)
  • i think my next lush purchase will be dreamwash. this was another thing the sales lady recommended for my skin and it has plenty of good reviews so i'll give it a go!
  • there's lots more that i want, so i won't bore you with them all, i'll just mention one last one. this one is "gorgeous." i think i only want to try it becasue it costs £35.95 so i want to see if it would be worth it.

in other non-lush related news, i'd really like my desperate housewives boxset to turn up now. i also want to get some other boxsets: csi, supernanny US, ugly betty, the OC, i'm sure i'll think of more too haha.
at the moment, i'm trying to do the communications part of my welshbac, which is going to be hard seeing as i don't think i went to one lesson :( wish me luck bloggers!

what's on your wishlist:)?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

got milk?

in the week before mother's day, the only word i could thing of to describe my skin was "stressed." not because of mother's day, that would be a bit dramatic, but it was just playing up really bad. enter korres milk soap for stressed skin. as soon as i saw the words "stressed" and "skin" i pounced haha.

korres say:
Milk has been used as a cosmetic since antiquity for its moisturising, purifying and nourishing properties. It is still considered an invaluable skincare ingredient due to its rich composition and skin compatibility. Thanks to their excellent absorption and water-binding ability, milk proteins have excellent moisturising properties, offering more than 40% essential amino acids that cannot be synthesised by human cells. They play a vital role in the maintenance of collagen, elastin and keratin. They have a high affinity with the skin’s natural components and are acknowledged to be true epidermomimetic substances, remarkably biocompatible, and therefore perfectly well

you get two bars of soap in a handy little container; i've been using it daily (sometimes twice daily) since mother's day and it's made a definite improvement. it's really mild, so suitable for the most sensitive skin i think. it leaves my skin squeaky clean after and i kind of like that; it makes me feel like something's going right. since i've been using it, my pores have gone smaller and my skin in general looks a lot more calm. it only costs £4 and i'm only just half way through my first bar! also, i've always had really problematic skin on my neck; not spots or anything, but really dry and i tend to have a permanent red patch on my neck. nothing gets rid of it other than steroid cream, which you're not supposed to use long term. but since using this soap, it's actually cleared it up! i definitely recommend trying this :)

Monday, 25 April 2011

better late than never

happy easter, bloggers! i think this is my second favourite holiday type thing, after christmas obviously. i'm such a chocoholic; are you a chocolate person or not?

this year, i had a few eggs and some money, then i went over my boyfriend's house and him and his mother surprised me; sneaky sneaky!

this was off my boyfriend; i'm considering keeping the rabbit's foot and giving it to my bampy for luck, how stupid haha. then his mother got me a few things from lush, bless her :) do you still have easter eggs or are you a money person? or do you just do nothing for easter?

Friday, 22 April 2011

25 things i do when i'm on my own

so i was just catching up on blogs when i came across a certain post on one of my favourite blogs, kelanjo. if you haven't guessed from the title, it's just 25 things i do when i'm on my own..

this will probably be boring to read, but i'm bored so it was just something for me to do :')

1. re-watch gossip girl in bed.
2. read blogs.
3. file my nails and glare at my cuticles, then paint my nails.
4. mess around with my hair.
5. watch films. i have about 6 piles of dvds and i pick a pile, then have to watch a dvd out of that pile :').
6. eat.
7. try drinking as much green tea as possible for some much needed anti-oxidants.
8. housework. i'm not even going to pretend i don't enjoy it.
9. catch up on all the stuff stored on my sky+ planner.
10. read magazines (favourites include elle, cosmo, company, and instyle).
11. eat.
12. think of things that i could write a book about, then realise i'll never be creative enough to write a book, then wallow in self pity at being so talentless.
13. read the back of all my criminal minds boxsets in the hope i'll find an episode i haven't seen.
14. go on the treadmill and attempt near impossible yoga positions.
15. close all the windows, turn the telly up, and sing like there's no tomorrow.
16. eat.
17. listen to radio1 and randomly dance around.
18. look at all the work i've got to do, then decide that doing nothing is more important.
19. browse the internet, mainly looking at things i'll never be able to afford.
20. go on people stylewatch and vote on everything.
21. eat.
22. text my boyfriend random things to wind him up (today's random texts included "why don't you come on over vaaaaalerieeeee")
23. randomly order something on amazon or asos.
24. sing in the bath.
25. every now and then get scared someone else is in the house, so i check every room just in case.

this song just came into my head for some reason, i think it's because the sun is out and i keep getting annoyed at people for not wearing enough sunscreen ha.

i just came to say hello

i thought the easter holidays would be all about sleep, but it's been all about revision :( i've been at it since 11 and now i'm taking a break for a piece of pasty (homemade by my mother - delicious), a cuppa and some blogs.

i can't believe i missed out on this week's wishlist wednesday, so i'll just mention one or two things i want atm. desperate housewives series 1 is one thing i want, my dad's been dispatched to tesco to look for it and if he can't find it, i'll order it off amazon later. isn't amazon amazing?

i'd also like the weather to stay as it is right now! it's all cloudy and rainy at the moment, my perfect weather.

a dog! puggles are quite possibly the cutest dogs ever, just look at their little faces..

just imagine snuggling up on the settee stroking one of those adorable little things! it's so depressing knowing i can't have one :(.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

i think i've got a crush crush crush on you

another rimmel nail varnish! this one is called coral crush. in most lights is positively shimmery orange, but when the light catches it in a certain way you understand why it's called coral crush :). so much love for the rimmel 60 seconds nail varnishes.

in other news, i'm waiting for my food to settle so i can go for a run on the treadmill. i'm most definitely one of those people who feels the pressure to exercise so much more in summer. i know a "summer body" should be an all year thing but its just so easy to settle for a muffin top when you know you can cover it up under lots of layers! p.s i find that listening to tinie tempah's album makes running easier because of the beats, give it a go!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

sporadic summary

the word sporadic always reminds me of the film clueless, when brittany murphy learns it. i really hope i'm not the the only one that remembers that haha. anyway, i've decided to start doing summaries but i'm not ready to commit to a specific day; hence the sporadic summary :)

^me today, looking rather pervy. you can also see my teddy in the background, creatively named "fluffy".

1. today, i visited my grandmother in her nursing home for the first time. that sounds bad, but she only went in there one day this week haha. it was so scary there, one woman in particular tried kidnapping me and the others just looked like they wanted to suck the youth out of me. not good.

2. do you remember these chocolate bars?! my mother bought them this week for the first time in ages, childhood memories came flooding back! nom.

3. i've been riffling through old cds to get me through revision, which i started properly this week. current favourites: otis redding and deborah harry/blondie.

4. america is mental for sending paul out of american idol. that is all.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

notd :)

i really wanted to wear o.p.i's sweetheart, but it's so streaky i had to find a way around it. so i painted a make-up sponge with lincoln park after dark and dabbed it on my nails :)

it actually looks a lot less tacky in real life, honest. i like this because i know it's the type of thing that some people will be like "ooh that's nice!" and others won't like it at all. this was my first time trying the spongey thing so hopefully, the next time i try it, i can get it neater :) it really is a quick and simple way of making your nails just that little bit different.

btw, the bit where you choose a font when you type a post has disappeared on my blogger; any ideas on how to get it back:(?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

wishlist wednesday

  • one of the (many) reasons i dislike summer is because i hate having to show skin; i like wrapping up warm and using clothes almost as a security blanket. palazzo trousers seem to be a way around this. i haven't tried any on yet, but in my mind they're sort of breezy trousers that keep you covered up whilst still keeping you cool :)
these ones are from asos, cost £30 and come in 3 other colours.
  • another thing i think will come in handy is this pair of shoes, also from asos. they cost £45 and i think they'll be good at taking beach looks up a notch. don't they look comfy?
  • i tried getting a picture of this bag from next, but it wouldn't let me :( i really like it though. another thing on my wishlist is a job at next, i have an interview there on friday so fingers crossed!
  • to fix the world. i've said this so many times haha, but i really wish there was a solid prevention method for cancer and earthquakes and all the other shitty things in the world!
  • EASTER HOLIDAYS. i'm not going into school on friday, so just one more day for me! woooooo! so excited haha, is there anything you're lusting over:)?

Monday, 11 April 2011

barry m is always two for £5

today's post is about barry m's "mint green." my favourite thing about barry m is how inventive they are with their names...< /sarcasm>

the reason i picked this up was because i thought it was a possible dupe for china glaze's "for audrey." and as much as i love china glaze & for audrey, i'd like it more if i could get it in a 2 for £5 offer. well, it turns out i was wrong. but it's still a nice colour, so it's a win-win situation.

there are a few downsides but, as always with barry m, i'm willing to forgive them. application wasn't the best and it kind of stained my nails, but's such a pretty colour!

another thing i'm loving atm..ashton kutcher! i watched what happens in vegas (again) yesterday and fell in love with him, yet again. demi, if you're reading've got competition, bitch.

i'm joking obviously, but isn't he a babe!
he's such a cheeky chappy! any ashton lookalikes out there, get in touch :)

just another manic monday

i'm baaack! how was your weekend? saturday i went to cardiff for a close friend's birthday. her birthday was actually on the 31st march but we only now got around to going out for it. we had a party bus to cardiff, which i loved. have you ever had one? for those who don't know, a party bus is basically a minibus with karaoke and disco lights inside - brilliant.

a few of us with some random boy who jumped in our picture, cheeky bugger :/ haha, i didn't get around to taking many of my own pictures so bear with me with the "picture-pal" tags.

we started in a local pub type thing, then went to glam (in cardiff) and then spent the rest of the night in cardiff's oceana :) i love how oceana sell hotdogs, they're delish - especially when you're drunk and pretty much willing to eat everything in sight. i had two *evil laugh*. i also bumped into two old friends so we had a nice catch up, all in all was a brilliant night! definitely paid for it the next day though, damn hangovers.

sorry for the lack of reviews lately, i'm trying to save money for uni so all my money's going into one of those tins you can't open - boo :(

in other news, the school i go to finally breaks up for easter this week and gossip girl is back on UK telly on the 20th april! i'm not sure which i'm more excited for; do you watch gossip girl? & do you still have easter eggs or do you have money instead? :)

Friday, 8 April 2011

i love e4 for friends re-runs

oh, this is my blog? and i should've been blogging this week? really? oh, ok then.

i've been super busy this week and the sun has put a real downer on my mood. i know basically everyone in the world loves sun/summer, but i really don't get the attraction. when i think of summer; i think of sweat, b.o, dry hair, heat, having to show skin and not being able to wrap up in comfy clothes, and getting headaches from the sun. GIVE ME WINTER.

anyway, i'm going to be AWOL over the weekend but regular posting will resume next week.

Monday, 4 April 2011

slight ramble & a notd

as i write this, it's rather late at night. i should be asleep, but i'm multitasking rather impressively. i'm currently in bed, blogging, doing english coursework, and watching gentlemen prefer blondes. admittedly english is getting slightly neglected due to the film and blogging, but still.

i adore this film; marilyn monroe and jane russell are both beautiful and so talented! they really don't make actresses like this anymore :( plus i love how old films sort of brag about being in technicolor rather than black and white, it's rather endearing :)

on to the nail varnish..OK, i admit it. i have a drawer full of nail varnishes that i've never worn. the particular nail varnish in question was given to my mother for me by one of her friends. it's Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss 5 day nail polish, in the shade pink cherry. "pink cherry" is a spot-on shade name in my opinion. it's a gloriously deep pink shade, with an almost jelly-like finish. it's filled with silver glitter; this could be perceived as being tacky, but i still like it! i tried to capture it on camera, but failed miserably..

application is really good and it lasts a fair while too, i'm definitely going to try and find out where my mother's friend got this from and see if i can get my hands on some too :)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

happy mother's day!

my mother's a little bit boring and doesn't like it when i buy her stuff for mother's day, but i did anyway and she seemed to like it. i made her a card, then she had "the girl who played with fire" on dvd (brilliant film but there's a few rather graphic scenes) and the mamma mia gift-set from lush :)

i really like lush's staff, they're all so happy and friendly. it's like it's a job requirement :') anyway, hope all the mothers out there had a lovely day and all their children showed them how much their appreciated!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

who loves korres? shanice loves korres!

sorry for the ridiculously cheesy title, but i didn't want to just name the product like i normally do ha! i braved the streets of cardiff alone today, and i have to admit..i loved it! no-one standing around huffing and puffing whilst i take my time, no-one making me huff and puff whilst they take their time, no debate over where to go for food and no visits to new look! (i hate new look, with a passion, but that's a whole different story for a whole different blog-post).

i managed to find my local korres all by myself today. this is quite an achievement because i usually just stumble across it when i'm supposed to be in another shop, but this time i actually found it! (if you shop at cardiff and want to know where it is, you go through the big boots in queen street, into the arcade, then it's to the left of the fragrance/perfume shop..i can't remember which haha, but its really close to boots!). literally every time i've been in there, there hasn't been anyone else in the shop. this is a definite plus because the sales assistants give me their full attention and there's no hustle and bustle. also..the buy one get one free on everything in store is still going! amazing! today, one of the things i picked up was a lip butter.

i find the little pots so cute and handy :) doesn't the actual lip butter look quite vampy? that picture was before i stuck my fingers in and messed it all up, it doesn't look so perfect now :(. i suppose i'm slightly bias since i'm in love with korres, but really, this is the best lip butter/balm i've ever tried! you know the little pictures of pots on cosmetics that tell you how long they last? e.g. 3 months, 6 months etc? this one has 24 months! i suppose it'd be a little bit unhygienic to have it that long, but who cares?

korres say: "A buttery lip balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny, tinted finish. The combination of Shea butter and Rice wax offers deep hydration and softness. Ideal for chapped lips." and i completely agree! it costs £6 so hardly breaks the bank and i can imagine the pot lasting ages. can definitely see this becoming a holy grain product.

please ignore any hideous spots you might see in the pictures above, my skin and i aren't getting on lately. skin issues aside, isn't the lip butter great?! it's just tinted enough to make a difference :) try as i might, i can't work out what shade i have or remember what other shades there are, sorry!