Wednesday, 27 April 2011

wishlist wednesday

hmm i'm not quite sure why, but it seems like ages since i've done a wishlist wednesday!

i've been getting really into lush lately, so here's a few things from there i want to try :)..
  • ma bar, "soothing caramel cocoa cake." it sounds like it was actually made for me!
  • butterball. the sales person in lush the last time i went there actually recommended this for my eczema, and then my boyfriend's mother happened to buy it for me; woo! i haven't tried it yet but i'm really looking forward to it :)
  • i think my next lush purchase will be dreamwash. this was another thing the sales lady recommended for my skin and it has plenty of good reviews so i'll give it a go!
  • there's lots more that i want, so i won't bore you with them all, i'll just mention one last one. this one is "gorgeous." i think i only want to try it becasue it costs £35.95 so i want to see if it would be worth it.

in other non-lush related news, i'd really like my desperate housewives boxset to turn up now. i also want to get some other boxsets: csi, supernanny US, ugly betty, the OC, i'm sure i'll think of more too haha.
at the moment, i'm trying to do the communications part of my welshbac, which is going to be hard seeing as i don't think i went to one lesson :( wish me luck bloggers!

what's on your wishlist:)?


  1. I've never bought any lush products before, but those sound tempting.