Monday, 31 January 2011

i love my mother's clothes

some time before winter really started, my mother and i were sorting out her shoes (what i mean is, she sat on her bed and told me what to do whilst i had to sort out her 70+ pairs of shoes). i don't really mind, it reminds me of all the shoes there waiting for me to *borrow*. hidden at the bottom of one of her cupboards, i came across the most perfect jumper-dress-type-thing i've ever seen :) in my opinion anyway haha. my mother said she thinks she got it before i was even born, so i'm calling it vintage :'). i absolutely adore it. i wore it virtually non-stop through winter. it's just so comfy, cosy, and warm and because i'm depressed winter's on its way out & i won't be able to wear it anymore, i randomly decided to put a picture of me wearing it on here..

top/dress thing: my mother's, the tag is missing.
leggings and socks: h&m
boots: dorothy perkins
ring: wallis, i think.

please ignore how messy my hair is, it's stupidly unmanageable :( i tend to pretend i'm going for the messy-on-purpose-look so i don't have to do anything to it, but shh.

that's just the top thing on a coat-hanger, you've probably noticed by now that i suck at taking pictures. sorry about that.

collection 2000 mascara

if i'm completely honest, i usually avoid collection 2000 like the plague. it just doesn't appeal to me; i'm usually swayed by packaging and the collection 2000 packaging just doesn't do it for me. on friday, i was in asda and felt the urge to buy something i'd never bought before, so i thought i'd try a bit of collection 2000. i tried the 'big fake false lash effect mascara.' i wasn't really expecting much from it, if anything i thought it'd be a bit worse than average. the brush is HUGE. it's actually the same length as my eye, maybe a bit longer. this will probably sound stupid, but the brush seemed really hairy. i think it has more fibers than most other brushes. it really irritated my eyes, i'm not sure if it's just my eyes being silly or whether this would happen to other people too. when i put it on yesterday, my hayfever was playing up a bit so i thought maybe that's why the mascara irritated my eyes, so i gave it another go today. it was still really irritating when i first put it on, but it didn't last.
this was only one coat of it, i was quite impressed. it claims to "double your lash size", i'm not sure it manages to do that but it is quite good. like most girls, i prefer two coats, so this is what that looks like..
two coats were quite clumpy, but not clumpy enough not to be wearable, if you get me haha. i didn't put any more on because it seemed like it would've gone way too clumpy. about 10 minutes after i put it on, i went to school for an hour, and this is what it looked like when i got home..
after about an hour of wear yesterday, i was left with huge black marks under my eyes so i expected the same today, so this was a pleasant surprise. my eyes had watered a bit because of the wind but it held up pretty well. i don't think it actually doubles lash size, and i wouldn't recommend it for an occasion where it has to stay put, but it's fine for day to day wear. (btw, how weird do my eyes look up close?! creepy.)

Saturday, 29 January 2011

china glaze for audrey

i'm completely and utterly obsessed with audrey hepburn, so when i heard about china glaze dedicating a nail varnish to her i HAD to have it. i got mine off amazon for about £8 i think, i've looked at the china glaze website but it doesn't seem to be on there. either that or i just completely overlooked it. when i first saw for audrey, i wasn't that keen on the colour. it looked too bright, almost neon, and i thought it would look cheap on. in real life, it's really quite a wearable shade and the quality of it is amazing. it lasts upto three days on me; this might not sound very impressive to most people, but nail varnish seems to have a habit of falling off my nails. it's really easy to apply, there's no need for a base or top coat and drying time is really reasonable.
please ignore my actual hands, i have eczema so my skin is ridiculously dry. the ridge on my index finger is nothing to do with the nail varnish, i just have really rubbish nails haha. my nails are also really stumpy, but don't let that distract you from how good this nail varnish is. i didn't want to take a picture off google in case it was stealing from someone, and my camera's on its way out so i'm making do with the camera on my phone, which is clearly awful, so you can't see quite how bright it is in real life. it looks much more muted in my pictures, but it's more of a duck-egg colour and it's bright, in a nice way. it's really shiny, again in a nice way, and i don't have any issues with this nail varnish. it might be because i don't expect much from nail varnish, but i'd really recommend this one :)

Friday, 28 January 2011

korres guava lipstick

i seem to be falling in love with this brand. i love how they seem to be more about enhancing your natural beauty, rather than masking it all up; and the fact that korres uses a lot of natural ingredients is definitely a plus! i've browsed the website a couple of times, but never really appreciated how good their products are until i went into the shop. it was amazing. it's only a little shop, but there's so much crammed into it, without it looking cluttered! it's just really sleek and nice :). i picked up the guava lipstick in natural pink, it's gorgeous!

that's with two light coats, applied straight from the lipstick. it's really one of those i'm-not-wearing-any-lipstick lipsticks. it looks a little bit pinker in real life, but still nice and neutral. you don't need to wear lipliner with it, and you don't even have to look in the mirror :) on the pack, it says "moisturising/intense colour." normally you have to choose between the two, but with guava lipsticks you seem to be able to have them both. they last for ages and don't feel drying or tacky on the lips. i really like the packaging too btw, really can't fault korres on anything! definitely be popping into the shop next time i'm in cardiff :)

Thursday, 27 January 2011

korres cherry lipgloss

just curious, does anyone actually know how to pronounce "korres"? i'm torn between "cores", as in apple cores, or "core-ez". anyway, i LOVE korres' cherry lipglosses, they smell delicious! like cherry, obviously.. the smell is really strong when you first put it on, but it wears off after a while and then you just get a whiff of it every now and then. it smells so strong because there's cherry oil in there, which "hydrates the lips", i think it really works. there's also vitamins C and E for "antioxidant protection." it feels like a pretty lipbalm, not a lipgloss.
that's "beige pink" ignore the shape of my lips, they look quite disfigured haha). i wore it to school today and it didn't dry out my lips or anything. it's been a really windy day but the lipgloss seems to repel my hair instead of sticking to it. i'm trying to think of something bad to say but there really isn't anything i can think of! unless you don't like the smell of cherries haha, that's probably not something you'd want. you can buy them on the korres website, i got mine in the actual korres shop for £15, so it should be about the same amount on the website :)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

wishlist wednesday

i don't think i'm stealing this idea from anyone, not intentionally anyway, so i'm sorry if i am :).

how nice are these shorts?! they're from asos and i think they're £90? they were last time i checked! i added them to my saved items hoping to win the competition, but no! suppose it was a long shot haha. fingers crossed for the £500 saved bag competition then :D

i also really want three nail varnishes from butter (i want all their nail varnishes, but i cut it down to three somehow). the ones i want are "dahling", "pink ribbon"and "british racing queen" (l-r)

as well as these, i really want the No.7 spring collection nail varnishes. i don't really need any more pinky nail varnishes but the packaging has completely swayed me! shallow i know haha. i wouldn't mind a lipstick either, but according to boots they're all sold out. boo.

oh, i wouldn't mind getting my hands on the o.p.i katy perry collection either! and must remember to order desperate housewives & 90210 boxsets at some point! some paul & joe things wouldn't go amiss either. so not much really..ha.

awkward introduction

hello:)! i'm shanice and i'm about to become a secret(ish) blogger. i'm 18, from wales and currently doing A Levels. i'm not sure what the focus of this blog will be, probably a combination of beauty/fashion/films and general rants. it's probably going to be quite boring, but i'll be happy if i even get one follower haha. i'm not rubbish at grammar, i just really hate capital letters..anyway, i'll start posting now!