Saturday, 5 March 2011


no7 stay perfect nail varnish in "milan" is yet another of my nail varnishes that i've just chucked in amongst my collection and left it there for a while before even bothering to try it out. fortunately, i tried it on the other day and have seen the error of my ways..

this was taken from cosmetic kingdom from google. has anyone ordered from them before? i only came across them when i googled this picture, but they seem amazing. lots of discounted make-up and if the products are genuine and they deliver well, this is an incredible website!

these are some pictures i took myself..

it was just so hard to capture the brilliance of this polish! it's so pink and so glittery, without being tacky. amazing. and it doesn't feel rough at all. i'm not sure if this is holographic? whatever it is, i love it! it's staying power is brilliant and it applies well too. one thing i will say is that it seems to get more silver the longer it's on the nail, despite starting pink.


  1. I got this polish in an Xmas gift set & looking at it in the bottle never expected to like it (too much glitter!) how wrong was i! It's gorgeous on!

  2. i was exactly the same, it's been unopened for like two years! the no7 christmas gift sets are lovely aren't they :)