Tuesday, 8 March 2011

primark purchases

primark either gets it really right, or really wrong. thankfully, i think they got it really right this time :D

in real life, the shoes are the same colour as the picture with the bag. i just used the picture below to show the front detailing. if you look on the left shoe (not the shoe on the left, the shoe that goes on the left foot..which is on the right in my picture) there's a scuff at the front. i didn't notice it until i already bought them, but it didn't bother me that much. it makes them look more distinguished :'). they fit perfectly, but i walked in them for about a mile yesterday and they gave me blisters. suppose that's what i get for buying shoes from primark though. i'm hoping my feet were just being sensitive yesterday and the shoes are actually good quality :)

i LOVE the bag. my mother thinks it looks like a carpet, but i like it anyway. you can see the handles on top of the bag, and it can be used with those little handles or with a removable longer strap :)

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