Monday, 21 March 2011

o.p.i lites to dark

i've come to a decision. i like o.p.i, i really do. but i don't like paying full price for their products when they're so incredibly over-priced. so, from now on, i'm going to stick to mini-sets. i never use a whole nail varnish anyway, so what's the point of buying a full sized bottle? o.p.i lites to darks includes 4 colours: sweet heart, princess rule!, meet me on the star ferry and lincoln park after dark.

today, i'll review sweet heart. o.p.i describe it as "the sweetest, softest pale pink" & i'd agree with that statement.

that gives a pretty accurate idea of the colour. it really is so pretty.

there is a huge downside. to get a finish like the picture, i used a base coat followed by FOUR coats of sweet heart. four. if i had the full sized bottle, i probably wouldn't complain. but considering i have the mini bottle and o.p.i bottles run out pretty quickly, i will complain. seriously, four coats. however, i am a sucker for their shade-names so will continue to buy o.p.i and put up with all their downsides (and there are oh so many of them).

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