Wednesday, 9 March 2011

korres wild rose mask

my local(ish) korres shop in cardiff always has some sort of offer on. the last time i went there it was buy one get one free on all cosmetics, this was buy one get one free on everything in store! i picked up the wild rose "instant brightening & illuminating" face mask. it cost me either £16 or £16.50 (well not really, it was my free purchase :)) and for that, you get 40ml of product. korres recommend using it once or twice a week.

the images above (sorry about the size difference) show the packaging :) every single bit of the packaging is recyclable, yet another thing i love about korres. the picture below shows the inside of the pot.

korres say:
A pure white mask for a clear and radiant complexion, suitable for all skin types. An instant brightening effect is immediately visible from the first application. Wild Rose oil is a natural source of vitamin C, which demonstrates significant repairing activity to fine lines and skin marks. At the same time, a complex of herbal extracts targets skin discolorations, adding brightness and radiance to the skin. An instant brightening effect is immediately visible from the first application of the mask.

i have to be honest..i agree with every word of that. i used it after a night of alcohol, not much sleep, an unusually bad cold, and a lot of crying and it honestly worked wonders! i have extremely sensitive skin and there was no irritation at all :) i'll definitely be repurchasing this, even with the £16 price tag.

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