Tuesday, 22 March 2011

o.p.i lites to dark

next up, princess rule! it looks like teenage dream in the bottle, only less glittery. in actual fact, it's a sheer polish. basically a sheer, clear holographic nail varnish with a hint of pink. i was initially annoyed because it wasn't what i expected, but then it grew on me. it's a nice twist on clear polishes and i think it may make a nice addition over the top of some other nail varnishes. i'll get back to you when i've tried it out :).

try as i might, i just couldn't capture the perfect glitteryness (made up words ftw) of it. application of this was much better; two coats and they dried brilliantly. i didn't use a base or top coat. it's experiences like this that make me think o.p.i are a complete hit and miss brand. still can't help loving them though, which annoys me, then makes me annoyed at o.p.i for making me love them. it's an endless cycle.

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