Wednesday, 23 March 2011

wishlist wednesday

  • i'd like for all the bad stuff happening in Libya & Japan etc. to end.
  • so many more dvds! i already have more than 100 just on one shelf, never mind the rest of the dvds in my i have a list of about 50 on my phone that i add to whenever i think of a new film :') atm i really need to buy all three pirates of the caribbean films, dead poets society and when harry met sally.
  • JOHNNY DEPP. he's old enough to be my father but there really is just something about him, and i think he's one of the best actors ever.

  • so much more time! the amount of work i seem to have at the moment, i'd like a few more hours per day. i think two should do it :).
  • i really want to invest in some nars and mac stuff. i'm usually strictly a high-street make-up brand girl, but there's something about expensive make-up :)

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