Monday, 28 February 2011

rimmel london lipliner

i've never owned a lipliner before, never even considered buying one. they remind me of drag-queens. not that there's anything wrong with drag-queens, i just don't want to look like one. but then i realised people only look like drag-queens when they wear lipliner because they wear the wrong shade and sometimes apply it rather badly.

my first ever lipliner is..rimmel london exaggerate full colour lip liner definer (what a mouthful of a name!) in shade 063, or "eastend snob." i've owned it a while, but never got around to trying it out. i'm super bored and this is the result..

eastend snob with good old classic carmex dapped over the top. i quite like the effect, not sure if it's enough to convert me to a lipliner lover though. do you like lipliner?

eyeko fat balm - minty

my first ever eyeko purchase included a mini set of three fat balms - raspberry, strawberry and minty. minty is a shimmering pale pink and i think it's my favourite out of the three.

this is without flash..

and this is with..

it's brilliantly moisturising, shiny and buildable. you can just put one layer on for a quick bit of moisture, or keep building it for more colour and really, really soft lips.

worn as a blusher, it doesn't give all that much colour but it gives a nice glow. i think i'll definitely repurchase this, but i'm not sure about the other two shades i have. more reviews on the way :)!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

notd :)

models own "purple poppy" polish was on of my first experiences with the brand, and if i'm wasn't love at first sight. i wasn't fond of the colour and i remember thinking it took absolutely aaages to dry. i decided to give it another go today and i'm amazed how wrong i was!

the top is how it looks in natural light, bottom is flash. i've got three coats on but you could probably get away with just one! i only went for three because i was very bored and it was drying so quick that i thought i may as well keep going haha. i genuinely can't think of anything to complain about with this.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

george at asda cosmetics

i knew asda had a few of their own-brand nail polishes, but i didn't realise just how much they made until i stumbled across this..

sorry about the picture quality, it was taken on my blackberry and i had to rush because people were looking at me very suspiciously. i was quite taken aback by how much they've developed the range! i picked up two nail varnishes; frostbite for £1 an sherbert fizz for £1.75 - amazing. they're both supposed to be "quick drying" and you get 5ml of product.

i also picked up a mascara for about the same amount, my reasoning being that i'd save so much money if i fall for such a cheap mascara. however, i didn't realise that it came in "blue black" instead of black *blushes*. i put it on over another mascara yesterday and although it was blue on the brush, it dried black above my other mascara:/ hm, i'll try it out alone soon and see if it's worth a review!

that's frostbite, it looks exactly like the picture on the left usually, but in artificial light it tends to be a bit darker, like the image on the right. after the first coat i seriously regretted buying it, it was so streaky! after three complete coats though, this is how it turned out. i think i'm in love. it definitely lives up to it's "quick drying" claim too! i like how it's called frostbite too, because if i had to describe the colour i'd say it was a frosted baby blue.

how insanely "barbie-like" is this?! this didn't do quite as well on the quick drying side, but for £1.75 i really don't feel able to complain. it also took 3 coats, but with a finish like this for the price it is, i'll take three coats any day!

so far, i love what i've seen from asda and i'll definitely be stocking up next time food-shopping rolls around!

Friday, 25 February 2011

my friday night


this nail varnish actually ruined my day. dramatic, moi? it's eyeko's nude polish, though i wouldn't actually call it a nude. it looks fairly nude in the bottle, but i think there's too much of a peachy undertone to call it nude.

do you see what i mean or am i just being overly fussy? so i painted my nails between 12 and 1 (no exaggeration, it needed the whole hour for first coat, drying time, second coat, drying time, touch ups, drying time). i went food shopping and it lasted fairly well whilst i was riffling through the cheap dvds & sneaking far too much unhealthy food into the trolley, but by the time i was on my way home, IT PEELED OFF. like actually peeled. it didn't just chip, IT PEELED. the colour is pretty yes, and i wanted so much to like this, but it's just a no-go for me :(

there were some positives though, admittedly not many:
  • it doesn't appear to chip easily (though this positive is kind of counteracted by the whole peeling malarkey)
  • the colour is so pretty and there's no need for a topcoat
  • ok i thought there were more positives but i can't seem to think of any.
do i really need to list any negatives? unfortunately it looks like my first eyeko order has been a let-down :(

Thursday, 24 February 2011

no7 liplicious in marshmallow

i own three n07 liplicious lipglosses, and i've never actually bought one. people just seem to love buying me no7 giftsets for some unknown reason, not that i'm complaining! the shade i'm wearing today is "marshmallow" and i love it. mine is only a 5ml one because obviously it's part of a set, but one the website there's a 12ml one for £10. because they're different sizes, i'm not sure whether they'll both have the same applicator type thing, so sorry if they haven't. try and ignore my naked nails in the picture..

i'm not sure you can see clearly, but it's one of the lipglosses when you have to squeeze the tube then a little blob of lipgloss sits on the top and you can either smudge it on with the tube, or put it on your fingers then on. i wouldn't recommend using a lipbrush because it's obviously very sticky haha.

this is how it looks in the tube..

and this is how it looks on..

i love the shade, it's so pretty! it smells delicious too, i wouldn't say it smells of marshmallow though. it really smells so nice it'll have you licking your lips when you're hungry, ha. it's not overly sticky and it lasts fairly well, but there is quite a bit of transfer if you eat/kiss for example. i don't think i'd actually pay £10 for it, but that's just because i'm not a big lipgloss person. overall though, i'm more positive than negative about this lipgloss!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

wishlist wednesday

perfect skin! i've never particularly suffered with my skin, but i've always had milia (most people call them milk spots) around my eyes. i won't include pictures 'cause they're not exactly pleasant so you can google them if you really want to see :). they're basically little white lumps; no-one knows why they happen and there's no proven way to get rid of them, grr! lately, they've been appearing all over my face :( #feelingsorryformyself

there's this brand called "rare." i'm not sure if i've heard of them before but they've got some absolutely gorgeous dresses on asos. this is the link to the rare dresses. i'm not normally a big fan of dresses but there's just something about these ones, plus the model somehow makes them look even better. these four are probably my favourites.

i've always had a huge love for old films & i think hollywood in the '40s and 50's would be my dream place/time to live. i've got quite a collection of old films as it is, but i really want some more films with jack lemmon and sophia loren. amazon here i come!

i love how lots of actors from the time (jack lemmon, tony curtis, cary grant & william holden in particular) were charming, yet still cheeky chappies haha. doesn't he look like a mischievous little boy that's just had a row, bless! and sophia loren, do i even need to say anything? she's so beautiful, even now!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


remember last summer (i think it was either the august or september issue?) when nicole scherzinger was on the cover of cosmopolitan & the free gift was nail varnish from the clothes website missguided? you could either get nude, lilac or another colour i can't remember :( i went for the nude one, it's almost exactly the same as barry m mushroom but with pink undertones. seriously love it!

i painted my nails with it yesterday, then got bored and decided to spruce it up a bit so i experimented with barry m raspberry. i very rarely wear raspberry as a normal nail varnish on my finger nails, it's either a toe-nail polish or one that i use with something else.

i have no idea why the one picture is so much bigger :/. it's good how experimenting with two normal colours can be almost as if you've bought a new polish altogether. considering the missguided nail varnish isn't from a beauty brand, it's very good. it's a bit thin & looks rubbish with one coat but two looks lovely.

in case you can't see properly, on my left hand: there's a little love heart on the thumb, my whole middle finger nail is completely barry m rasperry (because i messed up a vertical stripe, my bad) and there's a horizontal line on my baby finger. on my right hand: the thumb has a diagonal line, middle nail is polka-dot & baby finger has raspberry on the tip :) i quite like the over-all effect! do you often mess around with nail varnishes:)?

Monday, 21 February 2011


i've been a very busy bee since friday. saturday i had to get ready as soon as i woke up, to go and watch rugby with a few friends :) then as soon as i got home from that, i had to get ready again to go out in the night. the next day was spent recovering..then today i started looking after my nan, hard work i tell you! i'm gonna be spending a lot of time looking after her so i might not have time for anything other than NOTDs, they're just so easy haha.

this nail varnish has been in my collection for some time now, and unfortunately i ripped off the shade name & have forgotten it, boo. i think it's called coral reef, i googled swatches and it seems about right :)

  • colour is nice
  • it seems to be quite long lasting
  • application is relatively easy
  • drying time is reasonably quick
  • affordable
  • good packaging
  • it takes three coats if you want to avoid visible nail line
clearly, the positives outweigh the negatives - woo! models own, if you're reading this..i love you. i know coral is more of a summer shade, but really? why limit such a nice shade to just one season? it's nice all year round!

Friday, 18 February 2011


my first ever eyeko purchase turned up today! it took a whopping two weeks but i suppose that's what i get for choosing free delivery haha. i ordered punk polish, nude polish and three mini fat balms. obviously i couldn't get something from eyeko without trying fat balms. i'll be reviewing them soon but for now i'll review punk polish :). it does exactly what it says on the tin - on the pack it says "for neon nails." they definitely weren't lying! it reminds me of two things - pink highlighters and those neon leg warmers.

above is without flash, below is with.

  • it makes a nice change colour-wise
  • easy to apply
  • i like the packaging (yes, that sways me)
  • it makes my fingers and nails look even more stumpy than they already are
  • it's very unforgiving - every little flaw in your nails shows up
  • i'm not fussed on the finish. there's kind of little bubbles there? i've had nail varnishes do that before, but only when i've painted them under a lamp. a decent top coat may be able to sort it out but who knows.
overall, a pretty mixed review. i think if you like the colour then the problems with the polish may make it worth it, but if the colour isn't something you'd usually go for then it may be best to steer clear of this polish. what do you think of neon nails?

on another note - i love pramore! "for a pessimist, i'm pretty optimistic" just started playing on my itunes so i thought i'd mention it, ha. isn't the song title brilliant?

Thursday, 17 February 2011


don't you just love models own? i can't think of any issues i have with the brand as a whole; the packaging is good, there's a wide range of shades, the consistency is generally good, the shade names are on the same level as some higher end brands, they tweet back to people on twitter, and best of all - they're affordable!

sorry about the shininess of my hands, i'd just moisturised haha. this is models own - grey day. it's one of my favourite ever nail varnishes, it's really wearable, such a nice colour. application is really good, as is to be expected with models own :)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

wishlist wednesday

have you heard about o.p.i's collaboration (is that the right word?) with pirates of the caribbean?! i'm so ridiculously excited, i think i actually want them all. ALL. femme de cirque is another of o.p.i's upcoming collections and i need this in my life too. does anyone know when they'll be available in the uk? i think i'm going to start googling them both every day, just in case.

the second item on my wishlist..matt lanter, otherwise known as liam off 90210 (also something to do with starwars, sorority row, disaster movie and vampires suck). after about 10 minutes spent painfully *ahem* trawling google for an image that shows just how hot he is, i settled for this one..

this doesn't nearly do him justice at all, but if you watch 90210 then you'll know what i'm talking about! yum.

china glaze's rainbow of hope collection donates 18% (i think) of profits to cancer research charities. aside from the colours all being super nice, i support anything that does anything to fight cancer, so i want a few of these. i'm not sure if the money will still be donated if i buy off amazon? really hope so!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


rimmel's 60 second nail varnishes used to be rubbish, as far as i remember. in my memory, they certainly didn't dry in 60 seconds and they also seemed desperate to flee my fingernails. a while back, i was yet again browsing my chemist's pitiful little makeup selection when i came across rimmel's funtime fuschia (or shade number 260, i think) and decided to give into temptation, thinking it'd be worth buying it, even if it's rubbish quality, just because of the colour. i loooove it. it's so pink, so very very pink.

my nails are clearly very stumpy at the moment, one advantage of this is that i can wear super bright colours without feeling like it's OTT. back to the actual polish; rimmel claims it's a "one-coat polish. 1 stroke Xpress [i haven't spelt it wrong, for some reason rimmel spelt it that way] brush for 1 second, easy application. dries in less than 60 seconds." i'm not too sure on the "one-coat" malarkey, it usually takes two coats on mine, but maybe that's just because i'm rubbish at applying nail varnish. i also don't agree with the one stroke thing, but that's because i have rather chunky nails. i think on someone with thinner nails this could definitely just take one stroke. the brush is a very good quality, i haven't got any other polishes that resemble it in anyway. it's wider than usual, very smooth & there are no pesky stray bristles. they may be right on the drying time, i've never actually timed it but it is very quick. you may have noticed i'm rubbish with telling how long nail varnish lasts, this is because i tend to change my nail varnish after a day so it's never on my nails long enough for me to find out haha. this one does seem like a longer-lasting nail varnish than most though. i wear it without a base or top coat & it still applies like a dream and stays glossy looking. also, i put this on about 15 minutes ago and it hasn't been altered by me merrily bashing away at my keyboard.

don't you just love it?! i'm not one for pink clothing but there's just something about pink nails! i can't remember the exact cost of this nail varnish but remember i had less than £5 on me at the time, so it's less than that. it always cheers me up, as sad as that sounds. it's just so perfect BUY IT!

Monday, 14 February 2011

simple refreshing facial wash

the amount of love i have for this face wash is insane. when i was like..12? i think i was 12 anyway, i had my first ever spot and it devastated me, so i brought out the puppy dog eyes and convinced my dad to take me to hunt for something that'd fix it. he refused to go anywhere further than tesco but that was ok. tesco was where i found my first and only true face wash love. ever since then, i don't think i've gone longer than a week without using it. i'm definitely a firm believer in "less is more" when it comes to skin care, and this face wash is one thing that seems to do it all. every now and then i stop using it for a week 'cause i convince myself it isn't working, just because it doesn't make my skin feel tight or anything. i tend to think if something isn't hurting, it isn't working. after a few days without this though, my skin fails at life. after about two days of using it again though, my skin is straight back to normal. it fixes any spots and blackheads that may form. i'm not saying it makes my skin perfect, far from it, but it makes it as good as it'll ever get. i'm also not going to say i have particularly bad skin because i don't, so saying i do would give you a false impression of this, but if you have quite average skin then this is seriously worth a go. it's one skincare product i cannot live without!


o.p.i's "hot n spicy" from the hong kong collection of spring 2010 is so hard to describe. in some lights it looks neon orange, in others it's red with orange undertones, sometimes it seems coral. so weird. i'm definitely not a fan of this nail varnish; application & staying power are awful. it's really runny so kind of pools together at the bottom of nails. it's quite streaky and takes like three coats to become opaque, plus drying time is quite long. it managed to smudge on my nails before i even left the house today and there's chips everywhere now.

you can probably tell from the pictures that hot n spicy looks different in all lighting! in natural light it's more like the dimmer picture, but with indoor lighting it turns more like the brighter picture. all in all, this definitely isn't one of my favourite nail varnishes.

Saturday, 12 February 2011


yesterday, i finally managed to convince my boyfriend to watch black swan! you would've thought the lesbian sex scene would be enough to persuade him but apparently not haha. its such an amazing film, natalie portman deserves an oscar even if just for the way she plays the black swan! she seriously blew me away, especially since she learnt ballet herself instead of using a stunt-double type thing! it's such a good film & even my boyfriend admitted it should win an oscar for best film!

suppose i should go back to my nails now..i wanted something quite dark & not feminine at all, it didn't have to last long because i just wanted it for when i went to the cinema (i'm changing my nail colour today) so i decided to go for barry m instant nail effects over nails inc denim. i know i'm a bit behind on reviewing this; i thought crackle nails might blow over like the whole matte nail thing, but it seems to be lasting the test of time since o.p.i and china glaze have jumped on the bandwagon! i love the fact that a budget brand like barry m was the first (as far as i know) to come up with the crackle effect. i paid £3.99 for mine off amazon, with free delivery, and for the results it gives this is seriously amazing!

please forgive the state of my nails; they seem very brittle lately so i decided to cut them down to size, and i forgot to clean up around my nails before taking the picture, so they are a mess. i didn't really take the picture to show the colours, i just wanted to show the effect of the instant nail effects. that's after just one coat of each nails varnish, amazing! you just paint your nails with the colour of your choice, then when that's dry, go over it with just one coat of barry m. when you first paint it on, it just turns your whole nail black. as it dries, gaps form and the paint dries in perfect crackle fashion! it's brilliant. i've seen swatches of china glaze and o.p.i's versions, but i honestly think barry m seems better, and for the price you'd be a fool not to try it! i love crackle nails & hope they stay around a while :).

Thursday, 10 February 2011

wishlist wednesday on a thursday

i forgot about this yesterday because i was distracted by going to the cinema for the first time in ages! i'm like a big kid when it comes to the cinema, i love the whole experience. i watched the king's speech, colin firth is brilliant in it! black swan & the fighter were the films i wanted to see but i was outvoted, grr. the king's speech is definitely worth watching though :)

anyway, wishlist time! the main thing i want is a time-machine, impossible as it is. i want to go back to gcses and actually revise for them, then pick different a levels to study, then revise more for them too! then pick different universities to apply for and probably a different course too, i really feel like i was thrown in at the deep end (even though i know it was my own fault).

so, so glad h&m launched their website a while back. i notice so much more on there that i don't normally notice in the actual shop. anyway, i was looking at their nail varnishes the other day and there's two mini sets i need in my life. the colours don't have any shade names that i can see, but there's a "blue/beige" set and a "coral/purple" set. the blue & beige one has a white nail varnish, a nude nail varnish, a dark caramel-ish colour and a dark navy. the other set has a purply/grey, a bright lilac, deep purple and bright colour. each set is only £2.99 so i think they're a must have! i think this is the right link for them.

i LOVE this blazer, it's £29.99 on the h&m website, i love the whole outfit; it really works with the model.

i can't think of anything else i want, apart from a job still :(

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


last night i had a sudden urge for red nails, so i reached for my favourite ever red nail varnish - models own red alert. it's the perfect colour, kind of a fire-engine red. i don't think it's the classic red nail, more a modern classic red nail if you get me. it's got the perfect amount of orangey undertones & looks good in every light!

application is perrrrfect! by the way, it looks like the picture, only glossier & with not so many orange undertones. back to the takes three coats, which might seem like a pain in the bum, but only if you want to get it perfect. you can get away with two but on my nails, you could still kind of see the little half moon shape at the bottom of my nails (i have no idea what they're called *hangs head in shame*). the consistency is brilliant, it's really liquidy, not gloopy t all! it really does glide on the nail & it seems to dry in no time at all! ah, i love it! it didn't chip overnight either which is always good, plus it's cheap as chips! the only issue i have with this polish, and i mean the only, is that it's one of those nail varnishes that stains around your nails when you take it off. it might just be me but that really makes me feel dirty and tramp-like! still a brilliant nail varnish though :)

Monday, 7 February 2011

st ives apricot body scrub

when i first bought this, my mother flipped out on me 'cause she happened to read the ingredients and see there's walnut shell powder in there & i'm allergic to nuts, woops. i sneakily tried it out anyway 'cause i figured i'm not actually allergic to nut shells.. i'm really glad i tried it. it smells amaaaazing. really nice and sweet. i'm not sure what apricot actually smells like, but if it smells anything like this then i bet it tastes pretty good too :)

it's really good; i've got extremely sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate me even a little bit. my skin looks so much better after using it & i know i've already said it, but i LOVE how it smells. i think that's probably the reason i use it so much. my mother used to use it when i was in primary school & i'd sneakily use it back then, so it must be good to last me this long ha. i really like st ives; their products smell really good, they actually work, and they're also quite cheap. you can get it from boots, here, for just over £5. i can't really explain how amazing it is for an exfoliator to work this well on me, you should really give it a try, especially if you have dry skin.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

o.p.i pearl of wisdom

pearl of wisdom was from the hong kong collection, it's still available on asos but i don't know if you can get it anywhere else. if you're looking for an opaque nail varnish, don't look to pearl of wisdom. after three coats it's still translucent but i've never tried making it opaque so i can't tell you how many coats it takes. pearl of wisdom is, however, a really nice sheer polish. when i wear it on my own nails i don't really like it. not on its own anyway, but it's nice over other polishes. this time, i tried it on false nails. the nails i use are the nailene full cover active square nails. they come in a pack of 200 and they're only like £5, i can't remember the exact amount but it's definitely less than £10. i love these nails 'cause they're a nice change without the commitment of professional false nails. they last for 2 or 3 days and they look just the same as (actually, better than them sometimes if i do say so myself). aaanyway, back to pearl of wisdom.

when other people say they can't capture the colour of a nail varnish in picture i never really believe them or understand why they can't. that was until i tried photographing pearl of wisdom. it was SO hard. i took the pictures in this post on my blackberry, and they're rubbish even for my crappy phone. you can't see it in any of the pictures, but pearl of wisdom is almost holographic. in certain lights, it look glittery purple and pink, it really is fascinating.

you can kind of see the glittering in that picture, but not properly. gah i need a new camera! i definitely think "pearl" of wisdom was the right choice of name, pearl-like is the only was to describe it. length of wear is normal quality, drying time is really fast. not annoyingly fast, so that it drags before you've even finished painting the nail, but fast enough for you to not have to wait around for it to dry. when i first wore this polish, i was super annoyed with it. i thought it was a glittery nude but it was completely different to what i expected. i'm glad though, there's plenty of nudes out there but none really like pearl of wisdom. i'd definitely recommend this nail varnish don't write it off straight away, it'll grow on you :)

Friday, 4 February 2011

nails inc denim

i've always wanted to try out some nails inc nail varnish but just never got around to it, so when they were on the diet coke offer (buy two bottles of diet coke in boots & get a nails inc polish free, i'm not sure if it's still on) i thought it was the perfect opportunity to get quite an expensive nail varnish without having to pay for it, i'm a cheap-skate i know. i can't get a tidy image for denim without googling it, but if you google image nails inc denim loads of pictures come up :). if you can't be bothered to google it, then just imagine the type of navy trousers a lot of schools wear for uniform & denim isn't far from that. i wore it for the first time two weeks ago today and it chipped within about two hours. i wasn't doing anything particularly vigorous & have no idea how it managed to chip, but it made me avoid that certain polish until last night. the colour's really nice so i want so badly for it to be a good nail varnish :(. i put it on 3-4 hours before i went to bed last night & there was visible tip-wear by the time i woke up, then i went to school and i've got quite big chips on at least 5 of my nails, bad times! i'm not sure if i've just picked up a dodgy polish, or if nails inc don't put as much quality into the diet coke polishes, but this really isn't working for me. my nails were in good condition before i put it on, so i don't think it had anything to do with them. i'm thinking maybe it would last longer with a good base coat and then a top coat? but that just seems like too much effort haha.

if you ignore the bright parts and darken it a bit, that's pretty much what it looks like. it really is such a nice colour & it's really shiny and glossy, so i might try ordering one more nails inc polish and judge it from there, really really hope i just unluckily picked up one rubbish polish out of all the good ones :(. also, i HATE the packaging. for me, the silver lid just looks quite tacky and it's a real bugger to put back on. this annoys me so much, because models own is much cheaper with a similar lid, and they make it work! plus models own seems to be better in general, so i think nails inc may be a rip off brand.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

first blog rant

as much as i love january, it's such a rubbish month for school! this month i've had three exams & i'm supposed to be working on my coursework - which i suck at! plus, one of my teachers that i'm relying on to get me into university has gone awol. because of the awol teacher & my lack of faith in my english teachers, i'm going to spend upwards of £30 on help books to try and get me through the rest of the year. plus, lately i've been eating more and exercising less..not good! this makes me skin play up, which upsets me and leads me to food, it's an endless cycle! and i have no money to indulge in a bit of retail therapy :( booo! this weekend will be all about school and applying for jobs, fun! rant over.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

wishlist wednesday

there's so much i want lately but i just don't have the money to pay for it all :( oh well, i can dream!

these shorts are £30 from asos (can you tell i check their "new in" every day? i have no life..) and come in five other colours. i need them in my life! all of them, every colour. i resent paying £30 for such little things though, anything under £30 seems reasonable but £30 sounds a lot more! but really, how cute are they?!

i'm torn between thinking this is adorable and thinking it's a little bit creepy, but i want it anyway haha. again, it's from asos! it's a huge £145 and comes in a pale yellow too, i can't see myself ever buying it though :( it's by "disaya", i've never heard of this brand before but all their stuff on asos is quite cute and quirky.

one thing i'm dying to try out is galibardy jewellery, particularly this ring. for some reason, i want lots of rings lately :/

i like how with galibardy, everything looks a bit more expensive than it actually is :') i also like how not everyone will like their products, but most people will ask where you got it from.

i'm really liking nude nails lately, mainly because they'll never go out of fashion and look so sophisticated! one that's standing out for me is o.p.i's dulce de leche, it's the perfect mix of colour and nude.

i still want everything from last week's wishlist, as well as so many of other things! my phone is driving me mental lately and i get an upgrade in march, holding out hope that my mother can be persuaded to get me an iphone *fingers crossed.* some motivation wouldn't go amiss either, i think the rain is making me lethargic grr, get a lie in tomorrow though and that makes everything better :)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


even though basically everyone has seen numerous swatches of barry m mushroom, it's one of my favourite nail varnishes so i'm going to blog about it anyway :). if you're one of the few that hasn't seen it, mushroom is a gorgeous light brown shade. it reminds me of galaxy chocolate, nom. i hate how people make fun of brown nail varnishes with the poo comments, ha, i think they look really nice. mushroom is one of my go-to nail varnishes because it's suitable for so many occasions. i painted my nails with it yesterday, then felt like changing it up a bit, so i painted one nail on each hand with doll house by china glaze. doll house is the typical "barbie" nail varnish - pink with lots of glitter. i can see why some people would think it's tacky or a bit too much, but i like it for going over other nail varnishes or just on one or two nails :)

on my other hand, doll house is on my index finger. i quite like how it looks, and my nails are actually an alright shape for once! the consistency of mushroom is brilliant, i usually find barry m are a bit hit and miss. with a thick coat and careful application, mushroom would be good to go with one coat! i'm a bit careless though so tend to stick to two coats. i did this at about 9pm yesterday and there wasn't even any tip-wear until i got home from school today, and then it was only minimal. i'm always a bit confused when it comes to applying glitter nail varnish, is there really a correct technique?! i put two coats on this time, but i wasn't trying to cover the whole nail.

this was taken at night time, with flash, so it's a bit overly bright, but i like how my nails look so i uploaded it anyway, haha. i buy my barry m nail varnishes from boots, they're on offer quite often so it's always worth a look! i've never tried ordering from the china glaze website before because amazon is cheeper *looks sheepish* when i bought mine it was £8 or £8.95, i'm not sure, but i think prices change on amazon quite often anyway.