Thursday, 17 February 2011


don't you just love models own? i can't think of any issues i have with the brand as a whole; the packaging is good, there's a wide range of shades, the consistency is generally good, the shade names are on the same level as some higher end brands, they tweet back to people on twitter, and best of all - they're affordable!

sorry about the shininess of my hands, i'd just moisturised haha. this is models own - grey day. it's one of my favourite ever nail varnishes, it's really wearable, such a nice colour. application is really good, as is to be expected with models own :)


  1. If I only had to pick one nail varnish company, I'd pick Models Own every time...Grey Day looks so lovely! :D

  2. oh god, you've got me thinking of all the nail varnish companies i could pick now haha, models own are definite contenders though :)