Friday, 4 February 2011

nails inc denim

i've always wanted to try out some nails inc nail varnish but just never got around to it, so when they were on the diet coke offer (buy two bottles of diet coke in boots & get a nails inc polish free, i'm not sure if it's still on) i thought it was the perfect opportunity to get quite an expensive nail varnish without having to pay for it, i'm a cheap-skate i know. i can't get a tidy image for denim without googling it, but if you google image nails inc denim loads of pictures come up :). if you can't be bothered to google it, then just imagine the type of navy trousers a lot of schools wear for uniform & denim isn't far from that. i wore it for the first time two weeks ago today and it chipped within about two hours. i wasn't doing anything particularly vigorous & have no idea how it managed to chip, but it made me avoid that certain polish until last night. the colour's really nice so i want so badly for it to be a good nail varnish :(. i put it on 3-4 hours before i went to bed last night & there was visible tip-wear by the time i woke up, then i went to school and i've got quite big chips on at least 5 of my nails, bad times! i'm not sure if i've just picked up a dodgy polish, or if nails inc don't put as much quality into the diet coke polishes, but this really isn't working for me. my nails were in good condition before i put it on, so i don't think it had anything to do with them. i'm thinking maybe it would last longer with a good base coat and then a top coat? but that just seems like too much effort haha.

if you ignore the bright parts and darken it a bit, that's pretty much what it looks like. it really is such a nice colour & it's really shiny and glossy, so i might try ordering one more nails inc polish and judge it from there, really really hope i just unluckily picked up one rubbish polish out of all the good ones :(. also, i HATE the packaging. for me, the silver lid just looks quite tacky and it's a real bugger to put back on. this annoys me so much, because models own is much cheaper with a similar lid, and they make it work! plus models own seems to be better in general, so i think nails inc may be a rip off brand.

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