Monday, 14 February 2011

simple refreshing facial wash

the amount of love i have for this face wash is insane. when i was like..12? i think i was 12 anyway, i had my first ever spot and it devastated me, so i brought out the puppy dog eyes and convinced my dad to take me to hunt for something that'd fix it. he refused to go anywhere further than tesco but that was ok. tesco was where i found my first and only true face wash love. ever since then, i don't think i've gone longer than a week without using it. i'm definitely a firm believer in "less is more" when it comes to skin care, and this face wash is one thing that seems to do it all. every now and then i stop using it for a week 'cause i convince myself it isn't working, just because it doesn't make my skin feel tight or anything. i tend to think if something isn't hurting, it isn't working. after a few days without this though, my skin fails at life. after about two days of using it again though, my skin is straight back to normal. it fixes any spots and blackheads that may form. i'm not saying it makes my skin perfect, far from it, but it makes it as good as it'll ever get. i'm also not going to say i have particularly bad skin because i don't, so saying i do would give you a false impression of this, but if you have quite average skin then this is seriously worth a go. it's one skincare product i cannot live without!


  1. oh I love your background :D <3

  2. aw thank you, i stole it from google haha :)