Saturday, 26 February 2011

george at asda cosmetics

i knew asda had a few of their own-brand nail polishes, but i didn't realise just how much they made until i stumbled across this..

sorry about the picture quality, it was taken on my blackberry and i had to rush because people were looking at me very suspiciously. i was quite taken aback by how much they've developed the range! i picked up two nail varnishes; frostbite for £1 an sherbert fizz for £1.75 - amazing. they're both supposed to be "quick drying" and you get 5ml of product.

i also picked up a mascara for about the same amount, my reasoning being that i'd save so much money if i fall for such a cheap mascara. however, i didn't realise that it came in "blue black" instead of black *blushes*. i put it on over another mascara yesterday and although it was blue on the brush, it dried black above my other mascara:/ hm, i'll try it out alone soon and see if it's worth a review!

that's frostbite, it looks exactly like the picture on the left usually, but in artificial light it tends to be a bit darker, like the image on the right. after the first coat i seriously regretted buying it, it was so streaky! after three complete coats though, this is how it turned out. i think i'm in love. it definitely lives up to it's "quick drying" claim too! i like how it's called frostbite too, because if i had to describe the colour i'd say it was a frosted baby blue.

how insanely "barbie-like" is this?! this didn't do quite as well on the quick drying side, but for £1.75 i really don't feel able to complain. it also took 3 coats, but with a finish like this for the price it is, i'll take three coats any day!

so far, i love what i've seen from asda and i'll definitely be stocking up next time food-shopping rolls around!


  1. I've recently stumbled across George polishes too - they do a fab matte finish one called Twister which is a gorgeous grape colour x

  2. i was so surprised how many matte polishes they do, such a good bargain :) x