Saturday, 12 February 2011


yesterday, i finally managed to convince my boyfriend to watch black swan! you would've thought the lesbian sex scene would be enough to persuade him but apparently not haha. its such an amazing film, natalie portman deserves an oscar even if just for the way she plays the black swan! she seriously blew me away, especially since she learnt ballet herself instead of using a stunt-double type thing! it's such a good film & even my boyfriend admitted it should win an oscar for best film!

suppose i should go back to my nails now..i wanted something quite dark & not feminine at all, it didn't have to last long because i just wanted it for when i went to the cinema (i'm changing my nail colour today) so i decided to go for barry m instant nail effects over nails inc denim. i know i'm a bit behind on reviewing this; i thought crackle nails might blow over like the whole matte nail thing, but it seems to be lasting the test of time since o.p.i and china glaze have jumped on the bandwagon! i love the fact that a budget brand like barry m was the first (as far as i know) to come up with the crackle effect. i paid £3.99 for mine off amazon, with free delivery, and for the results it gives this is seriously amazing!

please forgive the state of my nails; they seem very brittle lately so i decided to cut them down to size, and i forgot to clean up around my nails before taking the picture, so they are a mess. i didn't really take the picture to show the colours, i just wanted to show the effect of the instant nail effects. that's after just one coat of each nails varnish, amazing! you just paint your nails with the colour of your choice, then when that's dry, go over it with just one coat of barry m. when you first paint it on, it just turns your whole nail black. as it dries, gaps form and the paint dries in perfect crackle fashion! it's brilliant. i've seen swatches of china glaze and o.p.i's versions, but i honestly think barry m seems better, and for the price you'd be a fool not to try it! i love crackle nails & hope they stay around a while :).


  1. I might be coming round to the crackle effect :) especially seeing as Barry M's is so reasonably priced! Thats a great colour combination too :)

  2. it's definitely a grower :) thanks, i love blue & black together!