Monday, 14 February 2011


o.p.i's "hot n spicy" from the hong kong collection of spring 2010 is so hard to describe. in some lights it looks neon orange, in others it's red with orange undertones, sometimes it seems coral. so weird. i'm definitely not a fan of this nail varnish; application & staying power are awful. it's really runny so kind of pools together at the bottom of nails. it's quite streaky and takes like three coats to become opaque, plus drying time is quite long. it managed to smudge on my nails before i even left the house today and there's chips everywhere now.

you can probably tell from the pictures that hot n spicy looks different in all lighting! in natural light it's more like the dimmer picture, but with indoor lighting it turns more like the brighter picture. all in all, this definitely isn't one of my favourite nail varnishes.

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