Monday, 11 April 2011

just another manic monday

i'm baaack! how was your weekend? saturday i went to cardiff for a close friend's birthday. her birthday was actually on the 31st march but we only now got around to going out for it. we had a party bus to cardiff, which i loved. have you ever had one? for those who don't know, a party bus is basically a minibus with karaoke and disco lights inside - brilliant.

a few of us with some random boy who jumped in our picture, cheeky bugger :/ haha, i didn't get around to taking many of my own pictures so bear with me with the "picture-pal" tags.

we started in a local pub type thing, then went to glam (in cardiff) and then spent the rest of the night in cardiff's oceana :) i love how oceana sell hotdogs, they're delish - especially when you're drunk and pretty much willing to eat everything in sight. i had two *evil laugh*. i also bumped into two old friends so we had a nice catch up, all in all was a brilliant night! definitely paid for it the next day though, damn hangovers.

sorry for the lack of reviews lately, i'm trying to save money for uni so all my money's going into one of those tins you can't open - boo :(

in other news, the school i go to finally breaks up for easter this week and gossip girl is back on UK telly on the 20th april! i'm not sure which i'm more excited for; do you watch gossip girl? & do you still have easter eggs or do you have money instead? :)


  1. Wait a minute...Oceana do hot dogs?! How didn't I notice before...

  2. they do, they do! i can never find them when i'm sober but i seem to gravitate towards them when i'm drunk lmao, it's a really good idea isn't it!