Tuesday, 17 May 2011

green(ish) with envy

green with envy is another of rimmel's 60 second nail varnishes, though i don't think it's particularly green. it looks slightly bluer in real life than it does in my photos; it's one of those colours that someone will say "oh that's blue, that's definitely blue" whilst another person would be convinced it's green.

application was alright, not perfect but there wasn't too much to complain about. it didn't rub off on things i touched as rapid ruby did, but it did chip quite easily. not a bad nail varnish, but not too good either. nice colour though :).


  1. i bought this a while back thinking it was going to be really green and then it wasn't, oh the disappointment! it's still a lovely colour though :)


  2. i was the same! still on the lookout for the perfect green colour :)