Monday, 16 May 2011

sporadic summary

1. dog walking is brilliant. seriously, i'd be so fit if i had my own dog! for now i'll settle for walking my bampy's dog, but walking a dog really is perfect exercise. though you get some strange looks if, like me, you talk to your dog as if you expect an answer.

2. i love random little things that make you smile. like this little bit of graffiti, it's spray painted on this cute little bridge in this really picturesque place and every time i see it it makes me smile. this is the bridge (excuse the dog showing you her bum hah)..

3. WHERE IS MY DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES BOXSET. i ordered it over a week ago and it still hasn't turned up, despite apparently being dispatched one day last week; boo.

4. azerbaijan shouldn't have won eurovision. neither should the UK though. i was rooting for moldova, nothing else was quite cheesy enough for eurovision! though i really liked denmark's entry too. here's the link. is it sad that i'm watching it and enjoying it as much as the first time?

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