Saturday, 27 August 2011

A/W capsule wardrobe ideas

I'm really sorry if I'm boring you by going on about university, but it's basically all I can think about at the moment! I was thinking that, since I'm going to be a skint student, I should try and get a capsule wardrobe. Anyone got any ideas on what I can include? I've been messing around on polyvore trying to come up with ideas but it'd be really nice to have your input :).

A/W capsule wardrobe ideas

bag: aldo at asos, £40

snood: miss selfridge, £16

top: topshop, £40

skirt: h&m, £19.99

shoes: topshop, £60

coat: h&m, £34.99

What other sort of items would you suggest?

Have you started A/W shopping yet? What are your A/W essentials?

Have a good day!


  1. Really like the ideas for your capsule wardrobe! I need to invest in a pair of black ankle boots, some cosy jumpers, maybe a statement coat / jacket, and a simple black dress (perfect for dressing up or down depending on the acessories ;)

  2. 6 great items, that skirt, those shoes & that vest are such must haves, ❤ it! Maybe I would add some statement accessories too, but that's just me because as you know I'm addicted to them :) Have a lovely Sunday ❤

  3. I love the all items :)
    but i love the shoes most.
    And nice blog! I followed your blog.

    Btw, Come to my blog! I would love if you follow my blog too :)♥


  4. great finds... would totally wear this outfit! :)

    xoxo, aimee
    diy blog:

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  6. great concept for a blog post I really need to start stocking up on the wooly jumpers, scarfs hats etc.

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  8. @Spence - Thanks! Ooh they all sound perfect :)

    @Alicia - Thank you :) haha you do have such an eye for accessories! You too :)

    @Bethanovia Gloria - Ah thank you, I followed you back!

    @Aimee - Aw thanks, it seems really cosy doesn't it :)

    @Ivy - Ahah me too! We should invest!

    @Shanice - Ooh we have the same name, I hardly ever meet anyone called Shanice! Thanks for commenting :)


  9. @Wilda - Thanks for commenting :)

  10. I've started my A/W wardrobe now its getting so so cold!! I really want those topshop boots :(
    I tend to get alot of jumpers and cardigans from vintage shops because topshop can be so expensive most the time!! xx

  11. @Mariella - it feels more like October than August doesn't it! Ah & me, just wish they were cheaper :(
    Ooh that's a good idea! I hardly ever find anything that fits though :( xx

  12. I like your picks :) Trendy i.e. leather skirt, but Classic, too!

  13. @Sarah S. - thank you :) I really need the leather skirt in my life hah!

  14. I saw this leather skirt when I went into H&M the other day and I can't stop thinking about it! It's so so pretty! xxx

  15. @Imogen - I'm praying it's in my local shop so I don't have to order offline, their delivery is so bad!xxx