Wednesday, 17 August 2011

non-wishlist wednesday - return of the fringe

Everyone that commented on "to fringe or not to fringe" seemed to prefer me with a fringe, my boyfriend prefers me with a fringe, and so does my hairdresser. So I took the plunge. Well actually, my mother made me take the plunge. She knew I couldn't decide what to have done so she booked an appointment for me & told the hairdresser to give me a fringe, no matter how much I protested. Damn woman, haha.

I don't feel like I can do a wishlist Wednesday today; I went shopping earlier, I've received two online orders this week, and I've had my haircut. Wishing now would just be greedy. So here I am with my fringe..

Please excuse my face haha, I've had a long day! Didn't sleep very well then woke up at 7, r.i.p me! There's probably a grand total of zero make-up left on my face since my hairdresser isn't particularly careful when washing my hair, but I was initially wearing e.l.f tinted moisturiser spf 20 in Nude, topshop cream blusher in High Five, and some sort of e.l.f lipstick in Gypsy :) (reviews soon!)

How nice is it having your hair washed by someone else? I swear I was this close *holds fingers about a mm apart* to falling asleep, it's so relaxing. It's a shame I didn't fall asleep, since I basically get no sleep the night before exam results! I don't understand why though; even if I don't get the grades I need, there's always clearing! & even if I fail, I can just re-do year 13.

What are you wishing for this week? Are you a fan of fringes/'bangs'? Anyone else have trouble sleeping when they're nervous? Good luck to everyone who gets their results tomorrow, hope you have lots to celebrate about!