Tuesday, 30 August 2011

e.l.f lipstick - gypsy

I haven't even had this lipstick two weeks yet, and it's already up there in my top five. E.l.f describe it as "deep cool pink sheer", which I totally disagree with. For one, it's not sheer. I also don't think it's pink, it seems more purple toned to me. Anyway..

bottom left - without flash, bottom right - with flash.
it actually looks a deeper colour on my lips in real life.

Sorry about the creepy smile haha. The lipstick is £1.50 here and it smells like blackcurrant, nom. It also feels very moisturising, quite like a lipbalm. My packaging is really nice and chic, completely different to the one on the website for some reason.

Overall, very impressed with this lipstick! Definitely going to try out some more (she says as if she hasn't already placed another e.l.f order..). I'm also impressed with e.l.f, they delivered it really quickly. My second order hasn't came yet but I ordered on the weekend and it's been bank holiday so that's to be expected really :).

Anyone indulge in the e.l.f sale?
What's your favourite e.l.f product?
P.S, am I the only one messed up from bank holiday? I get so confused what day it is!