Friday, 5 August 2011


Hello! I can't believe it's Friday again, time seems to be flying by lately.

tights, skirt, top: h&m.
cardigan: mother's.
ring: wallis.

Just a quick outfit post before I go shopping with my parents. I love the first day after food shopping, there's so much goodies here! Nom. I'll be wearing this with brogues and my trusty Primark bag (favourite bag ever). I tend to carry this cardigan everywhere "just in case." I have no idea what it's in case of, suppose it's just a habit hah.

Blogger's being really silly and won't let me put the pictures next to each other? Hmm, I wish I was good with a computer. Anyway, anyone got any plans for the weekend? I'm having a night in with my boyfriend tonight, don't think we've spent a Friday night together in a while! I may push my luck and see if we can get a Chinese *evil laugh*.

Have a good weekend!