Saturday, 6 August 2011

what's in my bag

If I'm completely honest, I am ridiculously nosey and love it when bloggers do this post. My bag is nowhere near as interesting, but I'll give it a go..

The bag:

I got it ages ago from Primark and I think it cost like £6, or something ridiculous like that. It's my favourite bag because it's just so versatile and pretty. Also, I'm a total clutz so an across-the-body bag is essential, unless I want to lose my bag and everything in it.

What's in it:

1. Piriton: I have hayfever and about a million other allergies so this is definitely an essential. Plus it tastes delicious.
2. Paco Rabanne Lady Million: I've said it before and I'll say it again - favourite perfume EVER.
3. Boots card & bank card: I always happen to wander into some Boots or other & I resent having to put the points onto my receipt (mainly because I always forget to claim them back and it feels like a waste) and my bank card is just in case of any impulse buys.
4. Prescription: between me & my mother, we probably have about 10 things on repeat prescription. I always tend to carry one around with me since I never realise when I'm running out of something so it's handy to put one in whenever I remember.
5. Chewing gums, for obvious reasons.
6. Clips - in case of fringe emergency.
7. Comb - I don't comb my hair, but I am an avid fan of back-combing.
8. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream: so much love for this hand cream. It's cheap, non-greasy, quick to soak in, and isn't an irritant.
9. A stupid amount of lip products: Korres Wild Rose lip butter, Clinique "superbalm moisturizing gloss", Carmex original, Korres Guava lipstick in Natural Pink, Korres Cherry Lipgloss in Beige Pink, Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Indulgence.
10. Unguentum 100g: this has been my prescription moisturiser since I was first diagnosed with eczema & it's still one of my favourites. Not the most glamorous of products but definitely worth a try if you have eczema or just dry skin. You can buy it here, £13.75 for 500g. I have no idea how reliable that website is so please try and get it from your local pharmacy first!
11 & 12: house key & £5, another of my "just in case" things.

Nothing particularly exciting in my bag but what do you expect - I only went food shopping and over my auntie's!
What's in your bag? Link here if you've done a similar post!