Saturday, 13 August 2011

marie claire freeeeebie

I don't think I've ever bought Marie Claire before. This month, however, Anne Hathaway was on the cover and there was a free bottle of Ciate nail polish. I love Anne Hathaway & have been wanting to try Ciate for a while, so I pounced.

There was a choice of quite a dark purple or a nude, so naturally I went for the nude - you can never have too many nude polishes! Then when I was painting my nails, I realised it was called My Fair Lady. I love anything even remotely related to Audrey Hepburn, so I totally fell for this polish!

With flash:

Without flash:

Ignore the shininess in the photo with flash - it's basically an exact colour match. I used a models own base coat, then two coats of My Fair Lady, then finished with my models own top coat. One coat gave quite a nice finish; if you apply it properly it looks like you've had a manicure and your nails look just that good. I went for two coats for a bit more opacity. I still had a VNL but I think it looks really nice anyway!

I think this colour would go with most outfits, and it'd be good to wear to work/school if you're not supposed to wear nail varnish. My nails also feel stronger since I've put it on, the way that China Glaze polishes make my nails feel too. Also, I didn't realise you get a whopping 13.5 ml of nail varnish, so £9 is actually quite a reasonable price! Definitely convinced me to try more from Ciate :)

I've had quite a lazy day today, nice and chilled though. I got my exercise done early & then popped up my Bampy's & spent time with him, my step-nan & her granddaughter. Lazy days are the best aren't they?

Do you like nudes or are you more into brights? What do you think of Ciate? How's your day been?

P.S. congratulations if you read this far, I got a bit carried away