Sunday, 14 August 2011

i can't think of a post title

Evening! Well I suppose it's night now, but whatever..

top: boohoo
belt & shorts: republic

The 'top' is actually a dress tucked into tights, I think I've had it about two years now! Well I had it before I got with my boyfriend and we've been together more than 18 months, so it's been a while hah. You may be familiar with these shorts, I wear them all the time. They're just really comfy so I chuck them on when nothing else appeals to me.

The bra being visible through my top is a consequence of my boobs stretching anything that tries to disguise them. It isn't as visible in real life though, at least I don't think it is! The pictures are quite bad quality anyway as my boyfriend was rushing me to go over his (so he could have food, typical haha), I wish I was better at posing!

Do you have anything from Boohoo? Personally I think they have a lot of tacky stuff, but there's also a fair few hidden gems amongst the tackiness.

What do you think of Boohoo? Hope everyone's had a good day!