Thursday, 4 August 2011


Words cannot express how bad I am at nail-art. I really do try but it just doesn't work and it doesn't help that I haven't even got any of the tools hah, can anyone recommend a good ebay seller?

I did these the other day; I'd originally planned on doing an aztec pattern but that went horribly wrong so I changed it to what I hoped would be a dalmatian print but was actually more of a white leopard print, grr.

The colours I used were Essie Blanc, which I found hiding in my drawer for varnishes that didn't impress me, and some rubbish old Rimmel black polish. This was pre-clean-up (I have no idea why) and it's photographed really badly! In person it looks quite chic and cool but sadly it just doesn't translate over the camera.

On a happier note, MY NEW LAPTOP IS HERE. I tried photographing it but it's too shiny so you can just see my reflection and no-one wants to see that hah.

What do you think of nail art?

P.S. Cher Lloyd is number 1. I'm ashamed of Britain.