Wednesday, 2 February 2011

wishlist wednesday

there's so much i want lately but i just don't have the money to pay for it all :( oh well, i can dream!

these shorts are £30 from asos (can you tell i check their "new in" every day? i have no life..) and come in five other colours. i need them in my life! all of them, every colour. i resent paying £30 for such little things though, anything under £30 seems reasonable but £30 sounds a lot more! but really, how cute are they?!

i'm torn between thinking this is adorable and thinking it's a little bit creepy, but i want it anyway haha. again, it's from asos! it's a huge £145 and comes in a pale yellow too, i can't see myself ever buying it though :( it's by "disaya", i've never heard of this brand before but all their stuff on asos is quite cute and quirky.

one thing i'm dying to try out is galibardy jewellery, particularly this ring. for some reason, i want lots of rings lately :/

i like how with galibardy, everything looks a bit more expensive than it actually is :') i also like how not everyone will like their products, but most people will ask where you got it from.

i'm really liking nude nails lately, mainly because they'll never go out of fashion and look so sophisticated! one that's standing out for me is o.p.i's dulce de leche, it's the perfect mix of colour and nude.

i still want everything from last week's wishlist, as well as so many of other things! my phone is driving me mental lately and i get an upgrade in march, holding out hope that my mother can be persuaded to get me an iphone *fingers crossed.* some motivation wouldn't go amiss either, i think the rain is making me lethargic grr, get a lie in tomorrow though and that makes everything better :)


  1. I am loving your wishlist!! Especially that necklace, which is so so cute!

  2. thank you! if only it was cheaper :) xx