Tuesday, 15 February 2011


rimmel's 60 second nail varnishes used to be rubbish, as far as i remember. in my memory, they certainly didn't dry in 60 seconds and they also seemed desperate to flee my fingernails. a while back, i was yet again browsing my chemist's pitiful little makeup selection when i came across rimmel's funtime fuschia (or shade number 260, i think) and decided to give into temptation, thinking it'd be worth buying it, even if it's rubbish quality, just because of the colour. i loooove it. it's so pink, so very very pink.

my nails are clearly very stumpy at the moment, one advantage of this is that i can wear super bright colours without feeling like it's OTT. back to the actual polish; rimmel claims it's a "one-coat polish. 1 stroke Xpress [i haven't spelt it wrong, for some reason rimmel spelt it that way] brush for 1 second, easy application. dries in less than 60 seconds." i'm not too sure on the "one-coat" malarkey, it usually takes two coats on mine, but maybe that's just because i'm rubbish at applying nail varnish. i also don't agree with the one stroke thing, but that's because i have rather chunky nails. i think on someone with thinner nails this could definitely just take one stroke. the brush is a very good quality, i haven't got any other polishes that resemble it in anyway. it's wider than usual, very smooth & there are no pesky stray bristles. they may be right on the drying time, i've never actually timed it but it is very quick. you may have noticed i'm rubbish with telling how long nail varnish lasts, this is because i tend to change my nail varnish after a day so it's never on my nails long enough for me to find out haha. this one does seem like a longer-lasting nail varnish than most though. i wear it without a base or top coat & it still applies like a dream and stays glossy looking. also, i put this on about 15 minutes ago and it hasn't been altered by me merrily bashing away at my keyboard.

don't you just love it?! i'm not one for pink clothing but there's just something about pink nails! i can't remember the exact cost of this nail varnish but remember i had less than £5 on me at the time, so it's less than that. it always cheers me up, as sad as that sounds. it's just so perfect and..pink. BUY IT!

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  1. I love pink nails, and that's a gorgeous colour!

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