Monday, 28 February 2011

rimmel london lipliner

i've never owned a lipliner before, never even considered buying one. they remind me of drag-queens. not that there's anything wrong with drag-queens, i just don't want to look like one. but then i realised people only look like drag-queens when they wear lipliner because they wear the wrong shade and sometimes apply it rather badly.

my first ever lipliner is..rimmel london exaggerate full colour lip liner definer (what a mouthful of a name!) in shade 063, or "eastend snob." i've owned it a while, but never got around to trying it out. i'm super bored and this is the result..

eastend snob with good old classic carmex dapped over the top. i quite like the effect, not sure if it's enough to convert me to a lipliner lover though. do you like lipliner?

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