Tuesday, 22 February 2011


remember last summer (i think it was either the august or september issue?) when nicole scherzinger was on the cover of cosmopolitan & the free gift was nail varnish from the clothes website missguided? you could either get nude, lilac or another colour i can't remember :( i went for the nude one, it's almost exactly the same as barry m mushroom but with pink undertones. seriously love it!

i painted my nails with it yesterday, then got bored and decided to spruce it up a bit so i experimented with barry m raspberry. i very rarely wear raspberry as a normal nail varnish on my finger nails, it's either a toe-nail polish or one that i use with something else.

i have no idea why the one picture is so much bigger :/. it's good how experimenting with two normal colours can be almost as if you've bought a new polish altogether. considering the missguided nail varnish isn't from a beauty brand, it's very good. it's a bit thin & looks rubbish with one coat but two looks lovely.

in case you can't see properly, on my left hand: there's a little love heart on the thumb, my whole middle finger nail is completely barry m rasperry (because i messed up a vertical stripe, my bad) and there's a horizontal line on my baby finger. on my right hand: the thumb has a diagonal line, middle nail is polka-dot & baby finger has raspberry on the tip :) i quite like the over-all effect! do you often mess around with nail varnishes:)?

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