Friday, 25 February 2011


this nail varnish actually ruined my day. dramatic, moi? it's eyeko's nude polish, though i wouldn't actually call it a nude. it looks fairly nude in the bottle, but i think there's too much of a peachy undertone to call it nude.

do you see what i mean or am i just being overly fussy? so i painted my nails between 12 and 1 (no exaggeration, it needed the whole hour for first coat, drying time, second coat, drying time, touch ups, drying time). i went food shopping and it lasted fairly well whilst i was riffling through the cheap dvds & sneaking far too much unhealthy food into the trolley, but by the time i was on my way home, IT PEELED OFF. like actually peeled. it didn't just chip, IT PEELED. the colour is pretty yes, and i wanted so much to like this, but it's just a no-go for me :(

there were some positives though, admittedly not many:
  • it doesn't appear to chip easily (though this positive is kind of counteracted by the whole peeling malarkey)
  • the colour is so pretty and there's no need for a topcoat
  • ok i thought there were more positives but i can't seem to think of any.
do i really need to list any negatives? unfortunately it looks like my first eyeko order has been a let-down :(


  1. why do some nail varnishes peel off? So odd and dissapointing whem they do :( Shame really, its a pretty colour, despite it not being 'nude' like they said

  2. no idea, when i was younger i actually owned nail varnishes that were made to be peelable though :')