Saturday, 5 February 2011

o.p.i pearl of wisdom

pearl of wisdom was from the hong kong collection, it's still available on asos but i don't know if you can get it anywhere else. if you're looking for an opaque nail varnish, don't look to pearl of wisdom. after three coats it's still translucent but i've never tried making it opaque so i can't tell you how many coats it takes. pearl of wisdom is, however, a really nice sheer polish. when i wear it on my own nails i don't really like it. not on its own anyway, but it's nice over other polishes. this time, i tried it on false nails. the nails i use are the nailene full cover active square nails. they come in a pack of 200 and they're only like £5, i can't remember the exact amount but it's definitely less than £10. i love these nails 'cause they're a nice change without the commitment of professional false nails. they last for 2 or 3 days and they look just the same as (actually, better than them sometimes if i do say so myself). aaanyway, back to pearl of wisdom.

when other people say they can't capture the colour of a nail varnish in picture i never really believe them or understand why they can't. that was until i tried photographing pearl of wisdom. it was SO hard. i took the pictures in this post on my blackberry, and they're rubbish even for my crappy phone. you can't see it in any of the pictures, but pearl of wisdom is almost holographic. in certain lights, it look glittery purple and pink, it really is fascinating.

you can kind of see the glittering in that picture, but not properly. gah i need a new camera! i definitely think "pearl" of wisdom was the right choice of name, pearl-like is the only was to describe it. length of wear is normal quality, drying time is really fast. not annoyingly fast, so that it drags before you've even finished painting the nail, but fast enough for you to not have to wait around for it to dry. when i first wore this polish, i was super annoyed with it. i thought it was a glittery nude but it was completely different to what i expected. i'm glad though, there's plenty of nudes out there but none really like pearl of wisdom. i'd definitely recommend this nail varnish don't write it off straight away, it'll grow on you :)

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