Wednesday, 23 February 2011

wishlist wednesday

perfect skin! i've never particularly suffered with my skin, but i've always had milia (most people call them milk spots) around my eyes. i won't include pictures 'cause they're not exactly pleasant so you can google them if you really want to see :). they're basically little white lumps; no-one knows why they happen and there's no proven way to get rid of them, grr! lately, they've been appearing all over my face :( #feelingsorryformyself

there's this brand called "rare." i'm not sure if i've heard of them before but they've got some absolutely gorgeous dresses on asos. this is the link to the rare dresses. i'm not normally a big fan of dresses but there's just something about these ones, plus the model somehow makes them look even better. these four are probably my favourites.

i've always had a huge love for old films & i think hollywood in the '40s and 50's would be my dream place/time to live. i've got quite a collection of old films as it is, but i really want some more films with jack lemmon and sophia loren. amazon here i come!

i love how lots of actors from the time (jack lemmon, tony curtis, cary grant & william holden in particular) were charming, yet still cheeky chappies haha. doesn't he look like a mischievous little boy that's just had a row, bless! and sophia loren, do i even need to say anything? she's so beautiful, even now!


  1. I love the second white dress! The sleeves are gorgeous!

  2. funny enough that's my favourite! it's only £42 so may be worth investing in :D