Tuesday, 1 February 2011


even though basically everyone has seen numerous swatches of barry m mushroom, it's one of my favourite nail varnishes so i'm going to blog about it anyway :). if you're one of the few that hasn't seen it, mushroom is a gorgeous light brown shade. it reminds me of galaxy chocolate, nom. i hate how people make fun of brown nail varnishes with the poo comments, ha, i think they look really nice. mushroom is one of my go-to nail varnishes because it's suitable for so many occasions. i painted my nails with it yesterday, then felt like changing it up a bit, so i painted one nail on each hand with doll house by china glaze. doll house is the typical "barbie" nail varnish - pink with lots of glitter. i can see why some people would think it's tacky or a bit too much, but i like it for going over other nail varnishes or just on one or two nails :)

on my other hand, doll house is on my index finger. i quite like how it looks, and my nails are actually an alright shape for once! the consistency of mushroom is brilliant, i usually find barry m are a bit hit and miss. with a thick coat and careful application, mushroom would be good to go with one coat! i'm a bit careless though so tend to stick to two coats. i did this at about 9pm yesterday and there wasn't even any tip-wear until i got home from school today, and then it was only minimal. i'm always a bit confused when it comes to applying glitter nail varnish, is there really a correct technique?! i put two coats on this time, but i wasn't trying to cover the whole nail.

this was taken at night time, with flash, so it's a bit overly bright, but i like how my nails look so i uploaded it anyway, haha. i buy my barry m nail varnishes from boots, they're on offer quite often so it's always worth a look! i've never tried ordering from the china glaze website before because amazon is cheeper *looks sheepish* when i bought mine it was £8 or £8.95, i'm not sure, but i think prices change on amazon quite often anyway.