Monday, 21 February 2011


i've been a very busy bee since friday. saturday i had to get ready as soon as i woke up, to go and watch rugby with a few friends :) then as soon as i got home from that, i had to get ready again to go out in the night. the next day was spent recovering..then today i started looking after my nan, hard work i tell you! i'm gonna be spending a lot of time looking after her so i might not have time for anything other than NOTDs, they're just so easy haha.

this nail varnish has been in my collection for some time now, and unfortunately i ripped off the shade name & have forgotten it, boo. i think it's called coral reef, i googled swatches and it seems about right :)

  • colour is nice
  • it seems to be quite long lasting
  • application is relatively easy
  • drying time is reasonably quick
  • affordable
  • good packaging
  • it takes three coats if you want to avoid visible nail line
clearly, the positives outweigh the negatives - woo! models own, if you're reading this..i love you. i know coral is more of a summer shade, but really? why limit such a nice shade to just one season? it's nice all year round!

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