Wednesday, 9 February 2011


last night i had a sudden urge for red nails, so i reached for my favourite ever red nail varnish - models own red alert. it's the perfect colour, kind of a fire-engine red. i don't think it's the classic red nail, more a modern classic red nail if you get me. it's got the perfect amount of orangey undertones & looks good in every light!

application is perrrrfect! by the way, it looks like the picture, only glossier & with not so many orange undertones. back to the takes three coats, which might seem like a pain in the bum, but only if you want to get it perfect. you can get away with two but on my nails, you could still kind of see the little half moon shape at the bottom of my nails (i have no idea what they're called *hangs head in shame*). the consistency is brilliant, it's really liquidy, not gloopy t all! it really does glide on the nail & it seems to dry in no time at all! ah, i love it! it didn't chip overnight either which is always good, plus it's cheap as chips! the only issue i have with this polish, and i mean the only, is that it's one of those nail varnishes that stains around your nails when you take it off. it might just be me but that really makes me feel dirty and tramp-like! still a brilliant nail varnish though :)

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  1. I saw your red nails in school, and I thought it was Red Alert! *sad obsession I have*