Thursday, 10 February 2011

wishlist wednesday on a thursday

i forgot about this yesterday because i was distracted by going to the cinema for the first time in ages! i'm like a big kid when it comes to the cinema, i love the whole experience. i watched the king's speech, colin firth is brilliant in it! black swan & the fighter were the films i wanted to see but i was outvoted, grr. the king's speech is definitely worth watching though :)

anyway, wishlist time! the main thing i want is a time-machine, impossible as it is. i want to go back to gcses and actually revise for them, then pick different a levels to study, then revise more for them too! then pick different universities to apply for and probably a different course too, i really feel like i was thrown in at the deep end (even though i know it was my own fault).

so, so glad h&m launched their website a while back. i notice so much more on there that i don't normally notice in the actual shop. anyway, i was looking at their nail varnishes the other day and there's two mini sets i need in my life. the colours don't have any shade names that i can see, but there's a "blue/beige" set and a "coral/purple" set. the blue & beige one has a white nail varnish, a nude nail varnish, a dark caramel-ish colour and a dark navy. the other set has a purply/grey, a bright lilac, deep purple and bright colour. each set is only £2.99 so i think they're a must have! i think this is the right link for them.

i LOVE this blazer, it's £29.99 on the h&m website, i love the whole outfit; it really works with the model.

i can't think of anything else i want, apart from a job still :(

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  1. It's a lovely jacket! I love camel and white together, tres chic x