Wednesday, 16 February 2011

wishlist wednesday

have you heard about o.p.i's collaboration (is that the right word?) with pirates of the caribbean?! i'm so ridiculously excited, i think i actually want them all. ALL. femme de cirque is another of o.p.i's upcoming collections and i need this in my life too. does anyone know when they'll be available in the uk? i think i'm going to start googling them both every day, just in case.

the second item on my wishlist..matt lanter, otherwise known as liam off 90210 (also something to do with starwars, sorority row, disaster movie and vampires suck). after about 10 minutes spent painfully *ahem* trawling google for an image that shows just how hot he is, i settled for this one..

this doesn't nearly do him justice at all, but if you watch 90210 then you'll know what i'm talking about! yum.

china glaze's rainbow of hope collection donates 18% (i think) of profits to cancer research charities. aside from the colours all being super nice, i support anything that does anything to fight cancer, so i want a few of these. i'm not sure if the money will still be donated if i buy off amazon? really hope so!


  1. totally agree! matt lanter <3 lol

    and i love 90210 aswell

    Laura x

  2. gorgeous isn't he haha, his brother on 90210 is nice too :) x