Saturday, 3 December 2011

why aren't i pixie lott?

scarf: h&m
jumper: urban outfitters
shorts: dorothy perkins
bag: primark
nails: o.p.i. big apple red

Definitely caught the blogging bug again, yay! Quite like this outfit, also LOVE the nail varnish! Such a good red, you can never have to many red nail polishes! I'm stupidly happy today, so I'm just going to ramble a bit about why. It's nothing exciting so feel free to ignore me! I went out last night and it was such a brilliant night ahhh. Even though the fire alarm in the union went off and we all got chucked out for about 10 minutes damn it. Me & my flatmate combined our efforts to make the best bacon sandwich in the whole wide world, we're going to mcdonald's soon, and then going out again tonight. I LOVE MY LIFE.

Friday, 2 December 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

 scarf: asda i think
bag: h&m, very old
jumper dress: peacocks, old.

Good morning! Been a while since I've been awake this early haha. Thought I'd make the effort today and drag myself to one of my first 9am lectures this semester, managed to make it there on time and then my lecturer didn't turn up! I waited fifteen minutes, then two boys got up and left and the rest of us gradually followed. We weren't emailed or anything to say it was cancelled so now I'm worried the lecturer had a car crash or something, gah. 

Anyone else brought out the Christmas jumpers yet? And does anyone else have an advent calendar? Mine is going to be the only thing getting me out of bed throughout December haha. Also have another one waiting for me when I go back home on the 17th so I'll have 17 days worth of advent calendar chocolate to catch up on, nomnomnom! 

Now I'm off to enjoy my coffee, mars bar, and Fearne Cotton on BBC Radio1, good times! Hope everyone's OK and has a lovely weekend x