Monday, 7 February 2011

st ives apricot body scrub

when i first bought this, my mother flipped out on me 'cause she happened to read the ingredients and see there's walnut shell powder in there & i'm allergic to nuts, woops. i sneakily tried it out anyway 'cause i figured i'm not actually allergic to nut shells.. i'm really glad i tried it. it smells amaaaazing. really nice and sweet. i'm not sure what apricot actually smells like, but if it smells anything like this then i bet it tastes pretty good too :)

it's really good; i've got extremely sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate me even a little bit. my skin looks so much better after using it & i know i've already said it, but i LOVE how it smells. i think that's probably the reason i use it so much. my mother used to use it when i was in primary school & i'd sneakily use it back then, so it must be good to last me this long ha. i really like st ives; their products smell really good, they actually work, and they're also quite cheap. you can get it from boots, here, for just over £5. i can't really explain how amazing it is for an exfoliator to work this well on me, you should really give it a try, especially if you have dry skin.

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