Friday, 18 February 2011


my first ever eyeko purchase turned up today! it took a whopping two weeks but i suppose that's what i get for choosing free delivery haha. i ordered punk polish, nude polish and three mini fat balms. obviously i couldn't get something from eyeko without trying fat balms. i'll be reviewing them soon but for now i'll review punk polish :). it does exactly what it says on the tin - on the pack it says "for neon nails." they definitely weren't lying! it reminds me of two things - pink highlighters and those neon leg warmers.

above is without flash, below is with.

  • it makes a nice change colour-wise
  • easy to apply
  • i like the packaging (yes, that sways me)
  • it makes my fingers and nails look even more stumpy than they already are
  • it's very unforgiving - every little flaw in your nails shows up
  • i'm not fussed on the finish. there's kind of little bubbles there? i've had nail varnishes do that before, but only when i've painted them under a lamp. a decent top coat may be able to sort it out but who knows.
overall, a pretty mixed review. i think if you like the colour then the problems with the polish may make it worth it, but if the colour isn't something you'd usually go for then it may be best to steer clear of this polish. what do you think of neon nails?

on another note - i love pramore! "for a pessimist, i'm pretty optimistic" just started playing on my itunes so i thought i'd mention it, ha. isn't the song title brilliant?

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