Thursday, 24 February 2011

no7 liplicious in marshmallow

i own three n07 liplicious lipglosses, and i've never actually bought one. people just seem to love buying me no7 giftsets for some unknown reason, not that i'm complaining! the shade i'm wearing today is "marshmallow" and i love it. mine is only a 5ml one because obviously it's part of a set, but one the website there's a 12ml one for £10. because they're different sizes, i'm not sure whether they'll both have the same applicator type thing, so sorry if they haven't. try and ignore my naked nails in the picture..

i'm not sure you can see clearly, but it's one of the lipglosses when you have to squeeze the tube then a little blob of lipgloss sits on the top and you can either smudge it on with the tube, or put it on your fingers then on. i wouldn't recommend using a lipbrush because it's obviously very sticky haha.

this is how it looks in the tube..

and this is how it looks on..

i love the shade, it's so pretty! it smells delicious too, i wouldn't say it smells of marshmallow though. it really smells so nice it'll have you licking your lips when you're hungry, ha. it's not overly sticky and it lasts fairly well, but there is quite a bit of transfer if you eat/kiss for example. i don't think i'd actually pay £10 for it, but that's just because i'm not a big lipgloss person. overall though, i'm more positive than negative about this lipgloss!

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