Monday, 31 January 2011

i love my mother's clothes

some time before winter really started, my mother and i were sorting out her shoes (what i mean is, she sat on her bed and told me what to do whilst i had to sort out her 70+ pairs of shoes). i don't really mind, it reminds me of all the shoes there waiting for me to *borrow*. hidden at the bottom of one of her cupboards, i came across the most perfect jumper-dress-type-thing i've ever seen :) in my opinion anyway haha. my mother said she thinks she got it before i was even born, so i'm calling it vintage :'). i absolutely adore it. i wore it virtually non-stop through winter. it's just so comfy, cosy, and warm and because i'm depressed winter's on its way out & i won't be able to wear it anymore, i randomly decided to put a picture of me wearing it on here..

top/dress thing: my mother's, the tag is missing.
leggings and socks: h&m
boots: dorothy perkins
ring: wallis, i think.

please ignore how messy my hair is, it's stupidly unmanageable :( i tend to pretend i'm going for the messy-on-purpose-look so i don't have to do anything to it, but shh.

that's just the top thing on a coat-hanger, you've probably noticed by now that i suck at taking pictures. sorry about that.

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