Thursday, 27 January 2011

korres cherry lipgloss

just curious, does anyone actually know how to pronounce "korres"? i'm torn between "cores", as in apple cores, or "core-ez". anyway, i LOVE korres' cherry lipglosses, they smell delicious! like cherry, obviously.. the smell is really strong when you first put it on, but it wears off after a while and then you just get a whiff of it every now and then. it smells so strong because there's cherry oil in there, which "hydrates the lips", i think it really works. there's also vitamins C and E for "antioxidant protection." it feels like a pretty lipbalm, not a lipgloss.
that's "beige pink" ignore the shape of my lips, they look quite disfigured haha). i wore it to school today and it didn't dry out my lips or anything. it's been a really windy day but the lipgloss seems to repel my hair instead of sticking to it. i'm trying to think of something bad to say but there really isn't anything i can think of! unless you don't like the smell of cherries haha, that's probably not something you'd want. you can buy them on the korres website, i got mine in the actual korres shop for £15, so it should be about the same amount on the website :)


  1. Oh my god, I need this product! If it smells like cherry, its an instant sell for me :')

  2. same :') there's a whole range of cherry lipglosses, it was lovely sniffing them all haha