Friday, 28 January 2011

korres guava lipstick

i seem to be falling in love with this brand. i love how they seem to be more about enhancing your natural beauty, rather than masking it all up; and the fact that korres uses a lot of natural ingredients is definitely a plus! i've browsed the website a couple of times, but never really appreciated how good their products are until i went into the shop. it was amazing. it's only a little shop, but there's so much crammed into it, without it looking cluttered! it's just really sleek and nice :). i picked up the guava lipstick in natural pink, it's gorgeous!

that's with two light coats, applied straight from the lipstick. it's really one of those i'm-not-wearing-any-lipstick lipsticks. it looks a little bit pinker in real life, but still nice and neutral. you don't need to wear lipliner with it, and you don't even have to look in the mirror :) on the pack, it says "moisturising/intense colour." normally you have to choose between the two, but with guava lipsticks you seem to be able to have them both. they last for ages and don't feel drying or tacky on the lips. i really like the packaging too btw, really can't fault korres on anything! definitely be popping into the shop next time i'm in cardiff :)

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