Saturday, 29 January 2011

china glaze for audrey

i'm completely and utterly obsessed with audrey hepburn, so when i heard about china glaze dedicating a nail varnish to her i HAD to have it. i got mine off amazon for about £8 i think, i've looked at the china glaze website but it doesn't seem to be on there. either that or i just completely overlooked it. when i first saw for audrey, i wasn't that keen on the colour. it looked too bright, almost neon, and i thought it would look cheap on. in real life, it's really quite a wearable shade and the quality of it is amazing. it lasts upto three days on me; this might not sound very impressive to most people, but nail varnish seems to have a habit of falling off my nails. it's really easy to apply, there's no need for a base or top coat and drying time is really reasonable.
please ignore my actual hands, i have eczema so my skin is ridiculously dry. the ridge on my index finger is nothing to do with the nail varnish, i just have really rubbish nails haha. my nails are also really stumpy, but don't let that distract you from how good this nail varnish is. i didn't want to take a picture off google in case it was stealing from someone, and my camera's on its way out so i'm making do with the camera on my phone, which is clearly awful, so you can't see quite how bright it is in real life. it looks much more muted in my pictures, but it's more of a duck-egg colour and it's bright, in a nice way. it's really shiny, again in a nice way, and i don't have any issues with this nail varnish. it might be because i don't expect much from nail varnish, but i'd really recommend this one :)

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