Wednesday, 26 January 2011

wishlist wednesday

i don't think i'm stealing this idea from anyone, not intentionally anyway, so i'm sorry if i am :).

how nice are these shorts?! they're from asos and i think they're £90? they were last time i checked! i added them to my saved items hoping to win the competition, but no! suppose it was a long shot haha. fingers crossed for the £500 saved bag competition then :D

i also really want three nail varnishes from butter (i want all their nail varnishes, but i cut it down to three somehow). the ones i want are "dahling", "pink ribbon"and "british racing queen" (l-r)

as well as these, i really want the No.7 spring collection nail varnishes. i don't really need any more pinky nail varnishes but the packaging has completely swayed me! shallow i know haha. i wouldn't mind a lipstick either, but according to boots they're all sold out. boo.

oh, i wouldn't mind getting my hands on the o.p.i katy perry collection either! and must remember to order desperate housewives & 90210 boxsets at some point! some paul & joe things wouldn't go amiss either. so not much really..ha.


  1. I love the look of dahling and pink ribbon! Everything looks so summery, I can't wait til winter properly ends

  2. if only they were cheaper! i like how you can't wait for winter to end, then it started snowing a bit earlier on haha :')

  3. How pretty are the No7 nail polish lids (and the colours come to that!) I'm so ready for warmer weather and pretty colours!xx

  4. they're so cute, the lipsticks look perfect for carrying around in your bag too:)! cant wait for more summery stuff to be available :) xx