Monday, 31 January 2011

collection 2000 mascara

if i'm completely honest, i usually avoid collection 2000 like the plague. it just doesn't appeal to me; i'm usually swayed by packaging and the collection 2000 packaging just doesn't do it for me. on friday, i was in asda and felt the urge to buy something i'd never bought before, so i thought i'd try a bit of collection 2000. i tried the 'big fake false lash effect mascara.' i wasn't really expecting much from it, if anything i thought it'd be a bit worse than average. the brush is HUGE. it's actually the same length as my eye, maybe a bit longer. this will probably sound stupid, but the brush seemed really hairy. i think it has more fibers than most other brushes. it really irritated my eyes, i'm not sure if it's just my eyes being silly or whether this would happen to other people too. when i put it on yesterday, my hayfever was playing up a bit so i thought maybe that's why the mascara irritated my eyes, so i gave it another go today. it was still really irritating when i first put it on, but it didn't last.
this was only one coat of it, i was quite impressed. it claims to "double your lash size", i'm not sure it manages to do that but it is quite good. like most girls, i prefer two coats, so this is what that looks like..
two coats were quite clumpy, but not clumpy enough not to be wearable, if you get me haha. i didn't put any more on because it seemed like it would've gone way too clumpy. about 10 minutes after i put it on, i went to school for an hour, and this is what it looked like when i got home..
after about an hour of wear yesterday, i was left with huge black marks under my eyes so i expected the same today, so this was a pleasant surprise. my eyes had watered a bit because of the wind but it held up pretty well. i don't think it actually doubles lash size, and i wouldn't recommend it for an occasion where it has to stay put, but it's fine for day to day wear. (btw, how weird do my eyes look up close?! creepy.)